Beauty Container

One of the components of my Mystical Timeless Beauty course is the round-the-clock transmissions where participants are placed in a special energetic vessel encoded with potent transmissions to beautify and target the root causes of beauty issues. 

This service is that component of the course by itself.

This is for you if:

  1. You don’t have the time to do the full course.
  2. You just want energies to be sent to you without doing any active work.

Once enrolled, you will be placed into the Beauty Container and start receiving the energies (see below) from 14th Feb.  I will upgrade the energies every 2-3 weeks and send you a report when I do. 

Beauty Container

The Beauty Container has been encoded to work on these areas:

  • Dissolving the aging programming; restoring your system to divine agelessness.
  • Reversing symptoms of aging and stress.
  • Beautifying and youthening your body and mind.
  • Improving elasticity of hair and skin structures.
  • Bringing out beauty from within; filling up empty spaces with divine essences.
  • Correcting structural issues in the body.
  • Imbuing your system with peace, harmony, serenity, calmness, balance & alignment.
  • Elevating your consciousness out of 3D programming and into 5D template (i.e. infinite abundance, fluidity, non-linearity, multidimensionality, magicalness).
  • Infusing your system with optimum nutrients (physical and spiritual).
  • Activating beauty glow from within.
  • Healing root causes behind beauty issues.
  • Igniting self-confidence; to stand taller.
  • Healing the mental-emotional-spiritual impact of injuries, medical procedures & illnesses.
  • Balancing body weight & hormonal levels.
  • Clearing negative associations with looking good.
  • Healing according to source intelligence.
@3 Months – US$220 | Ksh 22,000
@6 Months – US$440 | Ksh 44,000

Email/WhatsApp me to enroll. 

This offering is sent to only selected individuals, so as to enable me to perform individualised energy work on each person.  It’s also an additional way for you to access my work affordably.  If you’re already working with me on a regular basis, we will be working on an additional level with this.