The Power Of Eland

Recently, I’ve been getting strong visions of an eland.  I am brought back to the first time I saw one in Kenya last December.  While driving around a friend’s plot of land, I noticed an eland from afar, and was strangely touched by the way it seemed to be looking straight at me.  Although it stood too far for me to see, I felt the strange power in its eyes – sweet, gentle, kind but imbued with a grounded strength and the wisdom of an old soul.

Something in that encounter captured my soul, as if the magnificent and almost mythological creature had something to communicate to me.  Yet it had remained unexplored until now when I’m called to listen intently to it.  In my dreams, it shows itself – an elegant, self-assured being with words of wisdom to impart.  Its eyes speak volumes and depths, such that no verbal sounds are necessary.  In my waking moments, I see the eland in my mind, again looking straight at me.

The eland seems to have a humorous take on life.  Its face looks as if it’s about to break into a smile, as if it’s saying, “Why do you take life so seriously?”  I think this is what gives the eland such a clear energy – the ability to detach from the harshness of life and see the greater connectedness in everything.  This gives me a warm feeling and makes me trust the eland for what it wants to relay to me.

In getting closer to the eland spirit, I’ve felt its strange powers.  In my vision, it presented me with a gift in the form of a golden egg which it regurgitated after ingesting a rock of clear crystal picked from the roof of a natural tunnel.  Upon receiving the gift, I felt a huge healing in my heart and connected to the souls of the people whom the eland looks after and guides.  My sense of abandonment was soothed with the realisation that the spirits take on the work to care for those who are connected to them – that our work to care for another is shared and supported by the natural kingdom.

Someone once told me that the eland has a unique sweet smell.  In one of my visions, I entered the body of the eland and buried myself among its flesh.  I could feel the warmth of its living flesh pressed on every surface of my body.  Suddenly, I became over-powered by a sweet aroma which entered my senses of smell as well as taste.  I realised that the power of the eland is transferred (at least partially) through the sweet scent it emits. What an other-worldly sensation to embody the eland.

I took a shot of the eland in Kenya but had lost my camera during the trip.  I woke up this morning from a strong dream about the eland and felt guided to post about it.  When I thought about posting a picture along with it, I went straight to my computer and found the photo.  This is rather mysterious as I’ve been using a new computer for only several weeks, and I thought those photos were gone for good.  Check out the power of the eland below.

The Power Of Eland


An eland looking at the camera in Kenya. As a shamanic totem power animal, the eland spirit imparts deep wisdom for healing and personal transformation.

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