Trust Your Intuiton, Flow With It

trust your intuition flow with it by amyra mah

I love it when I get powerful messages through friends.  There’s something about being able to sense our spirits while we’re engaged in human interactions – it’s that sense of suddenly knowing that we’re not just two people sitting in a little shop drinking coffee but that on a spiritual level we’ve been communicating with each other all the time despite the physical distance between us; and that what we’ve been communicating has been so wise that only in rare instances can we let in the depth of those messages.  When the depth of such messages are grasped and understood, it can have profound effects in transforming our lives.

My friend Gill whom I greatly admire for her tremendous courage in self-transformation shared one such message with me recently.  It seems she has streamlined her philosophy in life to this one piece of wisdom:

We must trust our intuition and flow with it; it’s when we resist the strong messages of our heart/spirit that things go wrong.

In fact, she believes that things can only go wrong if we resist what we’ve been intuitively guided to do.

I reflected on some of my past experiences and found this to be true for myself.  How often had I stayed too long in pain because I had ignored what my gut feelings were telling me?  Conversely, how many times had I listened and trusted my instincts, acted on it and gained from it?

So the good news is, the answers we are seeking are here all the time.  We only need to tune in and listen with our hearts.  Beneath our humanly existence and all its ego-based struggles, we are an infinitely wise being.  A gigantic library of knowledge is stored right inside us – we hold the keys to this knowledge but the world around us also hold spare copies of these keys.  When emotional turmoils and mental conflicts become overwhelming, it may not be easy to open the door ourselves – this is when those spare keys come into work, through something someone said or a meaning you draw from observing something around you.

When a message is strong and clear, we will know it.  Spontaneity helps, as a lot of times the guidance is contradictory to what our logical mind says.  Yet it will feel right, no matter how wrong it seems.  The tricky part is when we can’t decide whether it’s intuitive guidance or a dysfunctional thought!  Sometimes it takes practice to develop our intuition – but we do our best anyway because our intention to follow our guidance will go on record that we’re moving forward, and we will begin to fine-tune our intuitive sense.  After some time, when you look back and recall your feelings you’ll be able to distinguish true guidance from self-defeating thoughts.

Guidance from within (or from greater spirit, which are ultimately the same thing) is a gift.  We only need to heed the message and flow with it.  Sometimes, we decide to create something different instead of flowing along with the guidance.  We think we (our ego self) know better when our divine self, with its infinite wisdom, is guiding us from a vantage point that spans all time and space.  Trusting in the infinite wisdom of our spiritual self is a lesson we must learn in order to transcend our low-level struggles and move into a higher existence where abundance and joy are ever-flowing.

When I trust and flow with my intuition, I can literally feel the supporting hand of the Universe gently prodding me from behind.  Try this.  Let go of control and surrender to what your intuition tells you, and feel the soft, warm, protective energy moving you along to that mysterious place.

unusual wisdom by amyra mah

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  1. Matthew Kestenbaum

    You absolutely nailed it with the one sentence about deciding whether it is intuition or a dysfunctional thought. This is one of my favorite pieces that I’ve read. Thank you!

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