Book Review: Tiny Buddha’s Guide To Loving Yourself


Tiny Buddha’s Guide To Loving Yourself

I mentioned in my previous post that there is a lack of resources that can truly guide us to practice self-love.  Perhaps you too have been hoping that a practical and inspiring guide on the subject of self-love would be available.  If so, Lori Deschene’s new book Tiny Buddha’s Guide To Loving Yourself should come as good news.

This book is a gem.  The author, who is the founder of Tiny Buddha (one of the most popular personal development sites on the internet), has compiled 40 inspiring and touching personal stories shared by contributors to the Tiny Buddha blog.  I am one of the contributors. [Read my story Are You Running Away From Yourself?]

The content of the book is broken into 10 chapters, each addressing a specific aspect of loving yourself.  For example: Chapter 2. When You’re Obsessed with Fixing Yourself: Realizing You’re Not Broken; Chapter 8. When You’re Scared to Be Real: Allowing Yourself to Be Authentic.

The book opens with Lori’s very moving story about her own struggles in her earlier life.  Filled with stories of individuals thriving over addictions, eating disorders, other self-destructive tendencies and various life challenges, this book could save lives.  I know that in the throes of my own suffering a book like this could save mine.

It’s like Chicken Soup for the Soul but with more depth.  The stories are honest and raw, each capping off with turning points and wisdom gained.  It is a healing, empowering and moving book.  Published by Conari Press, the book is well-formatted, highly entertaining and difficult to put down once you start reading.  This book inspires us to celebrate the strength of the human spirit as demonstrated by our capabilities to cope and thrive from great challenges, and to accept our humanness – our flaws, weaknesses, inadequacies, imperfections.  Not only are we given permission to still carry these imperfections, we’re inspired to see them as a part of our whole beauty.  This, to me, is the definition of self-love.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with addictions or other self-destructive tendencies.  Whether you are in the throes of addictions, recovering from lifestyle imbalances, or in need of an extra nudge to push through to your next level of self-actualisation, this book is a valuable addition to your toolbox.

If you order the book this month, you will receive some cool free bonus items, including my book Flowing Through The Void: Creating Miracles out of Struggles by Activating Presence, Power, Passion.

As part of the book’s launch campaign, Tiny Buddha featured interviews with some of the contributors.  Click here to read the interview with me, where I shared some of my experiences in my journey of learning to love myself.

Find out more about Tiny Buddha’s Guide To Loving Yourself.

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  1. melanie swan

    Love this post, Amyra. I read the links in the post too… thanks for sharing your deep, dark, fabulous journey. Love, Melanie xxx

    1. Amyra Mah

      Thank you, Melanie. Love to you xxx

  2. MB

    Another great book on being kind to ourselves is: Self Compassion – Stop Beating Yourself Up and Leave Insecurity Behind, by Kristin Neff, PhD. It’ a life saver.

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