When You Feel You Have Nothing Left

what to do when you have nothing left

Almost everyone has had moments in their lives when they feel as if they have run out of resources, solutions, answers.  This may be paired with symptoms of anxiety, depression, addictive behaviours or self-beating patterns.  The bottom line is, you feel stuck, trapped in a place where you don’t want to be, and you can’t see a way out.  In this state, it is easy to conclude that you have nothing left.

It is an illusion that you have exhausted everything you have.  It is simply a state you find yourself in, and it is just one perspective.  Depending on the angle of your perception, that can be true or that can be untrue.  With a slight shift in perspective, you can shift into a whole different reality where suddenly you can see and access so much more.

A part of you may protest, But it is a fact!  I have no money to pay my bills, my partner has left me, I’ve lost my job, I’ve just been diagnosed with a serious illness, my family is not talking to me, my friends have disappeared….  Even if they were all true, I guarantee you that it isn’t true that you have nothing.  It is simply a choice to see it that way, and your insistence on being right may be the thing that is preventing you from accessing other resources.

How to Access More Abundance and Shift Your Status Quo Instantly

Whatever your circumstances are right now, I want you to list three things that you DO have.  Before you resist this exercise, I invite you to relax and keep an open mind and heart.  Allow space for you to step into the next stage, beyond the resistance which is serving to block you from shifting to a better place.

What is the first thing on your list?  It can be something simple.  Maybe it is your house, or a room, or a roof over your head.  Maybe it’s the ability to see.  It may seem basic but there are people who don’t have eyesight.  In fact, if you think you have run out of things to be grateful for, just look at any of your limbs that are still intact, your organs, your senses, your movement control, your cognitive faculties.  Start there, if you’re struggling to connect with anything.

Step 1:  Create Contrast

Imagine if you didn’t have this.  Don’t just think, “That’s just silly, of course I have it.”  Pause now to imagine being in a situation where you don’t have this thing or you have a lower/compromised version of it.  Everything else is the same in this situation, except you do not have this thing.

How would that feel?  How would it limit the freedom that you do have now?  How would it affect your daily life?  What inconveniences would there be?  What additional stresses would it cause you?  What state would you be in?  Chances are, it is not very pleasant.

Step 2:  Feel the Appreciation

Now remind yourself that you DO have this thing.  How do you feel about that?

Feel the relief, the gratitude, for having that thing.  Things could be worse.  Lots of people are in the position of not having this thing which you do have.  Feel your appreciation as you acknowledge having it.  Celebrate the fact that you do have it.  Let this feeling of appreciation deepen and expand within you.

Really appreciate it.  Say ,“Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!”  Feel the positiveness in your state of being when you truly feel your appreciation.

Step 3:  Sense You Are Richly Abundant

Repeat the process with two more things that you do have.

Now consolidate your feelings of appreciation for these three things, and feel that you are in fact richly abundant.  Whereas you had felt you had nothing, now you know you are richly abundant.  You can probably feel this as a sensation of fullness and tingliness inside you.  Contrast this with the sensation of feeling empty inside just a few moments ago when you felt you had nothing left.

Very likely, your mind has expanded to more things that you can now feel grateful for.  You feel more energy.  Calmer.  You see possibilities.  You may even feel a sense of delight coming over you.  You can see resources available to you.

Step 4:  Direct the Energy to Areas of Lack

Now direct this energy of positiveness to the areas which you feel are lacking in your life.  Whether you feel you are lacking money, health, a job, a relationship…  Think of your area of lack, and feel the lack you associate with this area.  Feel the void, an empty vessel that can potentially be filled with something.

As you focus on this spot, recall the things you were grateful for until you generate the richly abundant feelings again.  Allow the richly abundant feelings to fill up the space in this spot.  The area of lack is now richly abundant too.

Step 5:  Breathe and Raise Yourself

Simply close your eyes and breathe.  Let the richly abundant feelings and knowledge to distribute itself within you.  Let it raise your vibration, so that you can see from a higher perspective.  Breathe and raise yourself, breathe and raise yourself.

If you’re feeling stuck and that you have run out of resources, this process can instantly lift you out of your place of stuckness to seeing more doors, opportunities, resources and support.  Far from just reframing your status quo, it can magically transform the situation.

unusual wisdom by amyra mah


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  1. Gloria Smith

    I just want to thank who ever wrote this.im going through a lot right now and reading this has really made me a little more calm.thank you

  2. Amyra Mah

    Dear Gloria,

    I am glad my writing has helped you. Thank you for taking the time to let me know. I send you many blessings and high energies for your current journey.


  3. Flecher

    Nice article this could have helped me save my brother that killed him self but i am looking for a reason to continue if you are unsure what i mean its simple everything no longer means anything to me its hard to even do the things i love things no longer matter to me i might need help and i dont know where to go for it all the councilors that ive seen told me ive got a personality disorder but on the meds i become more of what i am trying to get rid of all my emotions have become numb all ive got is laughter but hay nice article wish i found it sooner it would have helped a great man live today sadly ot did not

  4. Amyra Mah

    Thank you for leaving this comment.

    I am very sorry to hear about your brother. As for your current state, without knowing more than what you’ve shared here I can’t really offer any specific guiance. Feel free to DM me if you like.

    I send you much love and light,

  5. Jed

    Needed this. Much appreciated.

    This too shall pass.
    This too shall pass.
    This too shall pass…

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