How to Thrive from Crises, Disasters, Bad News and Come Out More Powerful Than Ever

Thrive from crisis by amyra mah

4 Powerful Doorways that Will Magically Transform Your Situation. 

What primarily drives my work as a deep soulworker is a strong desire to help people shift out of a place of pain and suffering.  But whilst I feel compassion towards those in suffering, I do not view problems as a problem.  Not really.  To me, blocks, setbacks, disasters, crises, bad news and unwanted situations contain massive power.  Whether you will emerge from them possessing more power or depleted and reduced, depends on the mindset you hold when confronted by it and what you do in the invisible realm.  This article guides you to not only survive but thrive from a situation that feels like a ‘trial by fire’.

Note:  In this post, I will take the opportunity to emphasise some of the fundamental differences between my teachings and those of others available out there.  The nuances are sometimes missed, and it could determine whether you are harnessing your true powers or accessing a more superficial level of power.  To yield truly transformational results, it is important to grasp the subtle differences.

Doorway #1:  How You React to it Carries Power.  Declare it as a Gift.

Whenever we are faced with a block or challenge, our automatic reaction tends to be to judge it as something negative.  A disaster has happened. A crisis has befallen.  This is going to set me back bigtime!

But there is infinite potential for power and magic within the moment of a ‘crisis’. Whether you embark on harnessing the power and magic or spiral into an increasingly restrictive place is a choice you make in that moment.  It is up to you.

Some of you reading might be triggered by my last statement.  If you’re judging me to be one of those rah-rah-I-am-so-positive self-help junkies who tell people to snap out of depression without knowing what depression is or to superimpose positivity over negativity or to do a bunch of affirmations to cover up your insecurity, hear me out.  What I’m guiding you to do isn’t about positive thinking or simply replacing the negative with the positive or to reframe your experience so that you will feel better about your situation.  Rather, it is about truly taking your power back and as a result your reality can transform.  This is a major fundamental difference between my work and most other teachings out there; unless you grasp this difference you won’t get the same results.

When faced with a crisis (I will use “crisis” to refer to any form or degree of something you consider a problem), the first thing to do is to declare it as a gift.  You declare it as a gift BEFORE you know what the gifts are or can see anything good that can come out of it.  Now, many people when they first hear me say “declare it as a gift” automatically assumes that I’m talking about the practice of gratitude popularly espoused in the self-help community. This is not the same as practising gratitude – that is a different technique. In this technique, the power lies in the unknown; if you can already list the blessings from it, there is no power to harness. 

Within the space of unknown, all the bad feelings you are feeling are the fuel that is going to create magic and miracles.  When amidst the unknown you declare it a gift, it is akin to casting a spell.  You are manoeuvring the situation towards the direction of magic and miracles.  But unlike casting a spell, which usually entails specifying the details of the outcome you desire, this method bestows you with unlimited powers of creation since you are not limiting your experience only to what your ego, fear-based mind dictates but to cast the net out into the vast field of possibilities and allow for the highest outcome.  It is a type of sorcery but without ego-based manipulations.

Declare it a gift and wait for the gift to be revealed to you.  Whatever else you are going to do to deal with your situation, do this first.  It takes merely one second to do and you need only do it once and forget about it.

Doorway #2:  Move Away from Linear Thinking.

During a crisis, it is common to grasp on tightly to what is and isn’t possible from a logical standpoint.  Your analytical mind will kick in prominently and tell you that only certain solutions are possible and only when executed in linear steps.

Fear makes you contractive, so that any sense of limitation you already hold within you will be amplified.  This limitation further increases your fear, and you are locked in an ever-tightening cycle, until it appears there is no way out.  It is easy to be caught up amidst the turmoil.  But it is imperative to create spaciousness during this time, so that your attention is not focused solely on limitations and hence, limiting you.

There is another realm that you have access to where magical possibilities exist.  In this realm, things are not restricted by time, space or linearity.  They don’t have to ‘make sense’.  Something can happen right now without you taking steps two and three first.

A crisis can serve to wake you up to the truth about where your power really lies.  If you focus on what is possible in the physical realm, you will feel helpless and powerless since they are limited.  But if you open up to what is possible in the spiritual realm, the possibilities are endless.  By removing your focus away from the logical to the illogical realm of magical possibilities, you begin to access more resources.

Many have created magical shifts in their reality just by accessing this doorway.  Embrace the power of being in magical territory.

For my very powerful, proven-to-work system of creating magical outcomes, check out Magical Possibilities: The Art Of Dissolving Unwanted Reality.

Doorway #3:  Understand and Embrace Its Higher Purpose.

Encountering a crisis is like being deviated from a smooth path.  It is unexpected.  Whilst it may feel like a very bad thing to have happened, it is in fact very good for your soul’s growth.  Your understanding of what it actually is and making peace with this higher purpose will entrench you in a position of power – before the situation is resolved.

Thriving from crisis diagram by Amyra Mah

A crisis forces you to veer off the path you have been on and to turn a sharp corner (the arrow in the diagram above).  This change of direction may seem like a setback, but it is the thing that makes it possible for new growth.  In the moment of crisis, a doorway is opened for infinite creativity with which to manoeuvre your way out of it.  It forces you to pay attention, to be acutely present.  Maybe you had been lazily cruising in life, neglected an important element of your life, and becoming increasingly misaligned.  But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you did something wrong.  Blaming yourself can get you caught up in self-beating mode, which is not the point.  It is NOT a punishment.  Stay away from a victim mentality.  The more calmly you approach this, the quicker and more dramatically you can thrive from it.

Maybe you are now ready for new growth, and maybe you did a lot of right.  Whatever it is, it means you are fully equipped to thrive from it and get to the next level your soul so wants you to.  Some lesson needed to be learnt, or some course correction needed to take place.  The crisis is a push, a nudge.  It’s like weight-lifting; the crisis is like a dumbbell in your hand, and as you lift it you build strength in your muscles.  It is support.  Something you didn’t have before, you now have it.

As you deal with your crisis in a self-aware manner and begin climbing out of it, you pick up momentum again and you continue on your path stronger and better.  You have been elevated and expanded.   If you were to keep moving in the same straight line, there would be no expansion.  In a way, it forces you to grow.  It is akin to the drawing-back of a bowstring – to generate potential power with which to propel you to an elevated level.

When you find yourself in a corner, remember where you are on the diagram (‘low point’) and what it means from the perspective of the higher purpose.

Doorway #4:  There is Much You Can Do When in the Thick of it.  Learn and Propel.

Most people when facing a crisis will get stuck in a perpetual loop of asking “why”, each time reinforcing their unawareness.  If they were to reflect genuinely, it would not be that difficult to figure out why it happened, or at least be opened to a number of possibilities for how it might strengthen them.

Your ego may protest that you didn’t want this change or to be forced into change.  I was happy the way I was, why does this have to happen?  It is alright to acknowledge the ego’s hurt while simultaneously embracing another perspective.  A higher aspect of you, unlike your ego, has the fuller picture and knows what ultimately brings you true fulfilment.

You can hold both perspectives at the same time.  More and more, we are moving towards being multi-dimensional.  It is time to free ourselves from the conditioned idea that we can only be, do, experience and understand one thing after another in a linear sequence.  Our true nature is one of multi-dimensionality, and we are being supported to return to this innate state that will result in a more enriched, less angst-filled existence.

So let’s say you have been ‘pushed into a corner’.  You are right in the thick of it.  You may feel powerless but within this place is enormous potential.  There is a lot that you can do, even if externally your options are limited.  Use the tools you possess to grow, don’t just stay in the same old pattern.  This is a sacred opportunity to elevate a pocket of your consciousness, which if neglected will influence some area of your life negatively.  Gather your resources.  Become aware of the lesson(s) you can learn from this.  Take steps to change (especially internally).

Here’s what your ‘actions’ can look like:

  • Deciding internally against something you have tolerated, some element of self-abuse.
  • Trusting in the invisible power and releasing attachment to materialism.
  • Recognising where you have resonated with low vibrations and raising yourself.
  • Giving yourself self-worthiness.
  • Trusting in your own intuition.
  • Committing to taking good care of yourself.
  • Seeing some aspect of your beauty and talents.
  • Working off some karma. Sometimes, a crisis is a way for karma to be worked off.
  • Dedicating yourself to a calling on a deeper level.
  • Being more grateful for something you took for granted.

This should be the juiciest part of a thriving-from-a-crisis journey!  Apply a light touch, whatever you do to learn the lesson.  Enjoy the journey of propelling back to your path.  You have the power to change the course; savour the knowledge that this power lies in your hands.  But you must see the crisis as a reflection of something deeper, so that you’re not trying to manifest a specific outcome dictated by your ego mind.

As you’re moving up, hold the mindset that this is a gift.  Again, I encourage the practice of multi-dimensionality.  Hold the meaning of its higher purpose.  Wholeheartedly learn the lesson and feel yourself expanding.

Eventually, you will come back to peace and calm.  Sometimes, the contrast of chaos and hardship is just to enable you to appreciate peace and calm.  When you do, you are already on another level.  You have successfully thrived from your crisis.

Thriving from Crises by amyra mah

unusual wisdom by amyra mah

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