Don’t Believe it

Technique to Silence Your Mind and Shift Your Reality

This course will equip you with a potent technique to deal with negative thoughts and transform your reality at the same time.

A simple consciousness training to eliminate worries, self-doubt and powerlessness.

Silence These Thoughts that Plague You:

Worrisome thoughts.

Self beating thoughts.

Harsh, chastisising thoughts.

Thoughts that put you down.

Thoughts that invalidate you.

Thoughts that point out your flaws.

Thoughts that warn you of impending doom.

How This Workshop Can Help You

Clear your mind of naegativity.

Eliminate worries and anxiety.

Take your power back from negativity.

Put a stop to mental chatter.

DATE:  15th April (Thursday)
TIME:  4-6pm NBI | 6-8am PT | 8-10am CT | 9-11am ET
COST:  US$33

[Only for Active Participants of Unmasking The Shroud.]