Freedom From Core Fears (Workshop)

Freedom From Core-Fears with Amyra Mah
Discover and heal your Core Fear to unblock your ultimate success

Identify what you’re ultimately most afraid of.  This workshop helps you to get to the root of all your issues and can help you avoid spending years working on superficial issues.  Participants are often surprised and gain a wider understanding of why and how certain dynamics have come about in their lives.  Start the process of healing the root of your problems.

No matter what issues you are dealing with, they can be traced to one of The 4 Core Fears.

Your core fear can make you carry out destructive patterns, create dysfunctional relationships, sabotage your successes, and create unhappy lives.  Finding out what your core fear is and working through it can cut years off your healing and self-development.

Some benefits you will gain from attending this workshop:
  • Get to know what’s really blocking you from success and happiness
  • Stop your endless cycle of self-destruction
  • Avoid wasting time dealing with superficial issues
  • Understand your subconscious motivations
  • Heal the root of your problems

Whether you are just embarking on your healing journey or an advanced soul seeker, you will be enlightened by what you can discover through this course.

“Thank you so much for a truly amazing [Freedom From Core Fears] workshop yesterday! It was a huge transformation happening for me during that day. From feeling extremely sad, no energy and completely blocked, to feeling happiness, love for myself and energized.” – K. T.

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