Mystical Timeless Beauty

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Since 2021, many women I have talked to complained about the same thing:

I feel very self-conscious about my body.
I have gained weight like never before.
I’m so uncomfortable in my body.  
I feel fat.
I have fats in new places.
For the first time, I feel unattractive in my body.
I must be pre-menopausal.
It has to be a hormonal thing.
Maybe I have a thyroid problem.
Diet doesn’t work anymore.
I look tired and aged.

They would apologise, feeling bad for letting such “trivial and superficial” things bother them.  Yet, if they were honest, these concerns are all-consuming. 

I realised these are signals of something major that the collective is going through. 

I needed to put together an offering to address these issues which plague the majority of my people at this time.  Once I started, I was astonished by the information that came pouring in from universal intelligence.  This body stuff… it is not what you think!

[Hint: Contrary to what most people think, insecurity about your body is not superficial, it is linked to your path of ascension.  If you’ve been triggered a lot by body stuff at this time, it’s likely because you have an urgent calling to rise to your greater purpose now!]

I was bestowed with very juicy, mystical beautifying tools to transform the way we see, express and enhance our true beauty. 

I am so excited to share it all with you!

Transform your attractiveness from the inside out by accessing your hidden wellspring of beautifying and youthening elixirs.

If you’re struggling with:

  • Concerns about looks
  • Weightloss issues
  • Aging of face and skin
  • Low self-confidence
  • Body image issues
  • Loss of attractiveness
  • Not happy with how you look.

This course
goes deep into your system to clear away blocks on every level to create lasting beauty that improves overtime. Clearings will target multiple levels of your being including:

  • Emotional blocks
  • Mental blocks
  • Spiritual blocks
  • Past-life templates
  • Old programmings
  • Environmental abuses
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Self-judgements
  • Grief and losses
  • Trauma and abuse

Restoring your system to Divine Beauty and Agelessness

Restoring Your Divine Beauty

Body Image Issues as a Portal for Ascension

Do you know there is a spiritual cause for why you can’t lose weight?

Knowing what it is can lead to balanced weight while clearing blocks to your ascension. 

If you’re constantly triggered by body appearance issues, this course will help you to look, feel and be Truly Gorgeous at all times. 

This course goes beyond 3D strategies like keeping a food diary, tracking what you eat, educating you about food and nutrition, or exercising. 

Instead, it works at a higher level that is rarely known or harnessed by other healer-workers.  


Round-the-Clock Remote Transmissions.  As soon as you sign up and for the entire duration of the course, you will be placed in a special energetic vessel encoded with potent transmissions (upgraded frequently), specifically to target the roots and causes behind any beauty issues, around the clock. 

Attunements and Activations for targeted aspects of healing and expansion.  They are delivered at various stages of the course.  Including:

  • Beauty Beams™, a proprietary mystical tool that causes your divine beauty to unfurl from inside out, reversing many beauty issues and aging symptoms.
  • Mystical Beauty Drops™ , a cosmic beauty enhancement elixir to bring out your inner light and enhance your natural beauty.

Instant MP3 Downloads
.  Guided journeys embedded with powerful activations to help create the biggest transformation in you. 

Multi-Dimensional Workbooks to support your journey on this course. 

Soul-Tribe Community Support.  Share experiences with other soul-based members from our lovely tribe, should you wish. 

3 X 90-Min Live Zoom Group Calls correlating with the modules as outlined below.  These calls are jam-packed with clearings, transmissions and activations. 

Module 1: Clearing the Deck for True Lasting Beauty

Group Call on Oct 4, 2022 | Nairobi 16:00 | ET 9:00 | PT 6:00 | CT 8:00 (Replay Available)


True vs false beauty.
Beauty and spiritual ascension.
Becoming ageless again, dissolving the prison of agism.
Moving on from over-identification with the physical body.
Freeing yourself from the obsessive drive to fix and improve from outside. 
Taking your power back from confusing messages around food, exercise, nutrition, beauty treatments, etc.
Neutralising the effects of environmental toxins and harshness. 
Activation 1 of Beauty Beams™, a proprietary technology to activate the essence of true beauty.  This is a highly-intelligence essence that can erase, dissolve and reverse symptoms of aging, restoring your body to divine agelessness. 
Dispensation of Beauty Drops™, a mystical (non-physical) beautifying elixir, to heal effects of self-abusive lifestyles and stresses. 

Module 2: Embracing the Joy of Being Visible

Group Call on Oct 18, 2022 | Nairobi 16:00 | ET 9:00 | PT 6:00 | CT 8:00 (Replay Available)


How beauty equates to power. 
The illusion of immortality.
Feeling safe to shine. 
Disabling anti-beauty spells (that make you appear unattractive) and invisibility curses.
Clear your system of 3D density.
Confusions and conflicts around beauty.
Narcissistic dynamics around beauty.
Taking your power back from current beauty ideals.
Activation 2 of Beauty Beams™ | Amplifying the Beams
Dispensation of Beauty Drops™ to reconcile conflicting ideas about beauty. 

Module 3: Shining Your Ultimate Beauty

Group Call on Nov 1, 2022 | Nairobi 16:00 | ET 9:00 | PT 6:00 | CT 8:00 (Replay Available)


Taking your power back from the dense body.
Moulding yourself according to 5D beauty ideals.
Transform ugliness to beauty.
Adornment versus obsessive fixing of looks.
Familiarity vs true alignment.
Anchoring your full, radiant presence.
Clearing attachments and blocks to expressing your divinity. 
Neutralising patriarchical conditionings and disempowering ideas about females. 
Activation 3 of Beauty Beams™ | Infinite Beams
Dispensation of Beauty Drops™ to unveil your ultimate beauty.

Cost for this 6-Week Course is $677

Once purchased, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your Member Portal, where you can access the course materials immediately.  Later on, you will receive notification emails about the coming group calls.  If you have any questions, please contact

Optional Add-On
1:1 session with Amyra Mah at a discounted rate for participants of this course only. 

Due to the immediate delivery of energetic transmissions upon purchase, there is no refund offered. 


Is being overweight really that bad?  How much of it is influenced by social conditioning?  What about the emerging body positivity culture? 

Losing weight is a subjective choice.  If you are comfortable being in a bigger body, more power to you.  Many, however, do not feel like themselves when in a bigger body; they can sense that they are hiding, somehow, operating just short of their full potential.   

I am aware of the issues expounded by body positivity advocates.  Whether I am on board with it or not is irrelevant.  My work is to restore people to their personal power: power that is lost when feeding disempowering narratives, even if they are true.  For some, it is empowering to do so, for others it is not.  There is no one-size-fits-all remedy for everyone.  Part of my mission is to awaken us to our own internal source of wisdom.  From that place, you can discern what is right for you.

In other words, I don’t have to convince you to lose weight or to keep your weight.  You already know deep down; with a bit of self-honesty, you can know your truth.   

This course will clear away the impact of restrictive narratives, so that you can thrive fully as your own person.  You are always free to choose what to believe and take a stance on; but often our system is cluttered with agendas that are not our own.  Clearing the deck will enable you to see what is and isn’t yours.   

Isn’t it superficial to be investing in a beautifying course at this time when there are real and serious problems in the world?

This course is not just about superficial beauty, it enables the highest version of yourself to be accessed and expressed.  The more you can connect with your true powers, the better you can navigate in your world.  You have the best chance of contributing to the betterment of your world when you are feeling and being the best you can be physically and vibrationally.  With this course, you are guided to go beyond the limits of who you think you are and become a shining light in your community, social circles, professional life, and the world. 

Can the course help with healing physical symptoms?

Yes.  The course is jam-packed with clearings, activations and transmissions that will heal the multiple levels of your being.  Beauty Beams™, the proprietary mystical technology you will be attuned to use can be directed to specific body issues, including health issues. 

Do I have to be spiritual to do this course? 

Whether you know it or not, you already are a spiritual being.  When people say they’re not spiritual, they often mean they don’t want to give up certain lifestyle behaviours they deem might be categorised as unspiritual.  In short, they don’t want to appear to be spiritual.  These motivations usually stem from negative associations formed from personal history around what being spiritual means.  True spirituality is an inside job.  It need not be demonstrated externally. 

Beauty concerns can be a sign of spiritual calling at this time.  Even if you’re not consciously embarking on a spiritual path, it’s an invitation to become more of who you really are, and therefore, derive more love-beauty-magic out of life.  Those who are truly uninterested in this matter would not have read this, let alone consider doing this course.  If you’re still reading, look within and flow with where it resonates. 

This product is not intended to treat physical or mental illnesses or to replace professional health treatments.  It is offered as a form of complementary care to promote wellness for individuals of sound mind and health.  This being a non-linear service, results will vary in individuals and cannot be predicted; this is frequently received as positive and indicative of having the capacity to reach outside the possibilities of linear processes and results.