Personal Power

Know Your Power, In A Literal Sense

Note: This article can be used as a primer for my teachings. If you’ve been on a personal growth path in the last twenty years, …

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still from transmission music video with amyra mah

Transmission Phase 2: Lifting Off As Divine Beings

Early this week, there were protests all over Kenya.  Due to security warnings circulated by embassies and various organisations, I had had to cancel my appointments outside.  Businesses too, for the most part, were closed.

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land of kenya by amyra mah

Invoking the ‘Kenyan Power’: A Tribute To My Spiritual Home

I first came to Kenya in 2007.  A few weeks after my arrival, the country fell into a chaotic bloodbath as the tribalistic post-election violence tore into the people.

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Illusion of Powerlessness by Amyra Mah

Dissolving The Illusion of Powerlessness

There is massive support from cosmic intelligence at this time for us to once-and-for-all move on from the template of powerlessness. 

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Chimney and Blue Sky. Breaking free from trauma and abuse by Amyra Mah

Breaking the Trauma-Abuse Programme, Once and For All

At the start of 2021, one of the messages I channeled from Spirit is that we have to break our trauma and abuse programme, once …

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the eternal now, power of timelessness by amyra mah

The Eternal Now: How to Tap Into the Space of Timelessness and Free Yourself from the Prison of Time

N.B. This article contains advanced material and should appeal to explorers of human consciousness.  It can be used as a course for expanding consciousness and …

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