Beauty Container

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Receive round-the-clock transmissions to beautify and heal the root causes of beauty issues.  As soon as you sign up, you will be place into the container and start receiving the energies right away.

3 Months – Until Mar 31
6 Months – Until June 30

Enrolment closes on Dec 31st.

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The Beauty Container is an energetic vessel coded to disperse potent transmissions targeted at beautifying and healing the roots causes of beauty issues. 

Originally one of the components of the 2022 Mystical Timeless Beauty course, it was then offered as a standalone service.  Since then, it has been upgraded multiple times, each time with new powers being added.  As a result, the Beauty Container today holds all the powers thus far built into it (see below). 

Once enrolled, you will automatically be placed into the Beauty Container and start receiving the energies (see below).  An upgrade of the energies will be done every month and a report will be sent to you after every upgrade. 

This done-for-you service is perfect if you enjoy being sent high-vibration energies without doing any active work.  The energies will not interfere with or contradict any other energy/spiritual work you’re doing.

@3 Months – US$220
@6 Months – US$440

The Powers

  • Dissolving the aging programming; restoring your system to divine agelessness.
  • Reversing symptoms of aging and stress.
  • Beautifying and youthening your body and mind.
  • Improving elasticity of hair and skin structures.
  • Bringing out beauty from within; filling up empty spaces with divine essences.
  • Correcting structural issues in the body.
  • Imbuing your system with peace, harmony, serenity, calmness, balance & alignment.
  • Elevating your consciousness out of 3D programming and into 5D template (i.e. infinite abundance, fluidity, non-linearity, multidimensionality, magicalness).
  • Infusing your system with optimum nutrients (physical and spiritual).
  • Activating beauty glow from within.
  • Healing root causes behind beauty issues.
  • Igniting self-confidence; to stand taller.
  • Healing the mental-emotional-spiritual impact of injuries, medical procedures & illnesses.
  • Balancing body weight & hormonal levels.
  • Clearing negative associations with looking good.
  • Healing according to source intelligence.
  • Remove blocks to creative energies flowing from within.
  • Remove blocks to feeling beautiful from within.
  • Improve blood and life-force circulations.
  • Healing shame and guilt.
  • Clear old toxic darkness from rejection and abandonment.
  • Heal self-punishing tendencies.
  • Relaxing addiction-type tightness and rigidity to allow flow of divine essence.
  • Dissolve deeper blocks to looking attractive and youthful.
  • Enhancing inner light and feeling complete within.
  • Freedom and liberation from perpetuating old patterns.
  • Dissolving artificial intelligence’s effects on health, wellbeing and beauty.
  • Encouraging a sense of aliveness to be released from within as part of the divine template.
  • Constant Activation of divine essence to spark and flow from the core of your being.
  • Healing the effects of stresses and restoring youthfulness and beauty.
  • Clearing energetic parasites that are draining your system of life-force.
  • Enhancing the beauty and power of your eyes, including sharpening your vision for beauty around you and your vision for an inspiring future.
  • Fixing you in place (antidote to addictions), so that you stay here long enough for shifts to happen.
  • Upgrade templates that create your beauty reality.
  • Activation of divine feminine to dissolve rigidity that holds in toxic energies.
  • Connecting easily and deeply with your soul within.
  • Relaxation of defences against perceived unsafeness.
  • Flower essence vibrations, from the indigenous plant kingdom.
  • Polishing the gem, i.e. revealing your core power, light and beauty.

This product is not intended to treat physical or mental illnesses or to replace professional health treatments.  It is offered as a form of complementary care to promote wellness for individuals of sound mind and health.  This being a non-linear service, results will vary in individuals and cannot be predicted; this is frequently received as positive and indicative of having the capacity to reach outside the possibilities of linear processes and results.   

Beauty Container

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