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As we continue to raise the vibration of Kenyans and our land, I would like to pay heed to the immense support that Ambasa Mandela and I have received so far since we released Transmission and began the live sessions on Instagram. By this agency, we’ve created avenues for continued support as we spread this message to more people each day.

To support our cause directly, you may wish to make a donation. Every transaction made is infused with the power to return to you multiple folds of love, beauty and magic.

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‘Fire Medicine’ Live Session

A soul-nourishing, heart-warming fireside session hosted by Amyra Mah and Ambasa Mandela.

Amyra channels and performs activations to heal, align and transform you. Mandela channels the musical vibrations to allow you to flow with the healings through sounds inspired by The Legendary Fire.

Together, we ignite the fire within you – coaxing you out of hibernation, slumber, standstill & limbo.  To rise with passion and aliveness, while grounded in yourself.

Join us on Saturday 27th August EAT 4-5:30pm | EDT 9-10:30am | CT 8-9:30am.