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As a member of The Soul Temple – Virtual Portal, you will be able to enjoy these non-paying privileges: 

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  • Share and interact with other soul-based members, in a mutually-supportive tribe.
  • Access to my latest teachings and channeled material.  
  • Have priority notifications for events both live and online.
  • Take part in Q+A sessions where I will address your burning questions.

+ other exciting features as they are added. 

You have full control of your participation level, including how public or private you want to be.

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Why this Portal?

As you probably know, my work is unique.  Most people who end up working with me usually find me after searching for an alternative way to get out of their struggling and to expand to the next level.  My work contains teachings that go contrary to most mainstream self-development and spirituality. 

As a result, my amazing clients can sometimes be left feeling isolated; they have created a life abundant in magic but feel they can’t really talk about it with others because what we do is so unique.  This is compounded by the fact that our work is deemed so sacred they feel instinctively that they want to guard it. 

I decided it’s time to open up this world for everyone in my tribe. 

I promise you, there are others like you.  You are not alone. 

This portal will be your perfect solution, striking a balance between community and sacred honouring of one another’s desire for privacy.    

I will do my utmost to make sure every element in the portal is tasteful and considerate, so that you will experience it to be life-giving. 

Harnessing Soulful Power

The Soul Temple Virtual Portal is infused with potent, magical energies.  Upon entering it, you will be bathed with the same energies one does when entering the physical venue The Soul Temple where I conducted all my private sessions and workshops between 2017 and 2020. 

The Soul Temple - Virtual Portal

The Soul Temple was known for its deeply-sacred vibes.  Clients often commented feeling instantly centered and connected upon entering it due to its healing energies.  All self-development, healing and ascension work conducted in this space were enhanced by the assistance of benevolent spirits whose presences were palpably felt by most who came.  Because of the large amount of sacred work being conducted in this space, The Soul Temple was a power spot, a vortex of high-vibration energies.  People were able to easily connect with Spirit in that space. 

In those years, I had turned the space into a sacred temple full of beautiful vibes.  Those who came felt embraced in a safe space, able to heal, among their tribe, supported, and can learn amazing tools. 

All that Power is now contained in our virtual portal.  The Soul Temple has evolved into its digital embodiment, expanding beyond the small geographical pocket to spread its magic to more soul seekers – offering the same experience of being embraced among like-spirited members and plugged in to divine power.

unusual wisdom by amyra mah