Books and Writings

As a visionary writer, I am grateful to be able to support you through my writings.

Digital Books

These self-transformation and self-healing books are the result of many years of study and exploration into human potential and consciousness.  They are packed with original, innovative material not found in other books or teachings.  Written from a place of deep passion to provide you with specific, grounded and practical tools to liberate yourself from the imprisonment of suffering – and awaken to who you really are: self-loving, creative and passionate.

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magical possibilities book by amyra mah
Embrace the Unlovable - book by Amyra Mah about healing shame
Flowing Through The Void - book by Amyra Mah

Guest Posts

Are You Running Away From Yourself?
Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself Interview: Amyra Mah
Tiny Buddha

How To Transform Depression Into Awe
Really, It Wasn’t You
Allowing Your Inner Turmoils to Untangle
The Change Blog

What To Do When You Can’t Find The Answer
Law Of Attraction And The Elephant In The Room: Why Things May Not Be Manifesting
How To Stop Your I Should Thoughts From Running Your Life
Changing Your Reality Involves Going Back To Your Past

Reality Creation Articles

I also blog at my Magical Possibilities website.  Here I write articles on reality creation topics, through the perspective of my often unconventional and controversial views about reality creation.


I have been blogging since 2008. There is quite a big collection of articles on this site.

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unusual wisdom by amyra mah

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