Heal yourself from the roots of your addiction

Beyond Addiction: Freedom and Deep Healing

[Please read ‘My Approach To Addictions‘]

beyond addiction package with amyra mah

This Programme Is For Your If...

You have been clean for at least one month and you are ready to do more work.

You have been clean for a long time but want to get to the next level of actually being happy, not just clean.

You have been in a cycle of being clean and relapsing, clean and relapsing….. and you want to get out of the cycle once and for all.

You find yourself withdrawing from life, just to keep yourself safe and non-stimulating.

You are seeking answers to these questions:

  • Can I really be happy without drugs/alcohol?
  • Is there really a life after drugs/alcohol?
  • Why am I feeling so miserable?
  • How do I have fun now?

If sobriety or recovery isn’t fulfilling and you want to move to the next phase of living with spiritual meaning, joy, belonging and a palpable sense of being alive in every moment, this programme is meant for you.

Some Benefits You Will Gain From This Programme

Beyond Addiction: Freedom and Deep Healing
  • Expand your outlook in life, into one of joy and inspiration.
  • Learn to turn pesky emotions into power and passion.
  • Build a solid connection to your spiritual self.
  • Develop an inner sanctuary that provides comfort, safety, peace and nurturance.
  • Connect to your Authentic Self and open up to spiritual beauty.
  • Find more resources internally to live a life of joy without substances.
  • Know what your heart is truly drawn to.

12-Week 1:1 Intensive, Highly-Personalised Programme for Addiction Healing

What The Programme Covers

Weeks 1-2  Removing the Veil 

  • Getting to the truth of your addiction
  • Taking stock of your life after addiction
  • How might you have substituted another addiction for drugs/alcohol?
  • Understanding the deeper motivations behind your addiction
  • Getting a clear picture of where you are now
  • What motivates you to stay clean?
  • Examining your identity as a non-user

Weeks 3-6  Taking Your Power Back

  • Honouring your addiction/recovery story
  • Identifying and owning your attributes
  • Seeing through the illusion of pain and discomfort
  • Discovering your Personal Power
  • Defensive behaviours that block your recovery
  • Embracing the aspects you hide, repress and deny
  • Channeling cravings into empowering activities
  • Expanding your perception of what is available
  • Dealing with guilt, remorse and loss
  • Healing deep emotional wounds that surface

Weeks 7-10  Unveiling the Gifts

  • Using the lessons to transition into a more empowered, inspired life
  • Transforming fears into a source of inspiration
  • Tapping into the joy behind pain
  • Going deeper to learn the spiritual lesson
  • Deep surrender to your Ultimate Self
  • Learning to stay in the place of goodness
  • Dealing with fear of change, acceptance and trust

Weeks 11-12  Consolidation

Cost of Programme: US$2,500

The Programme Includes

You will not find a similar programme to this anywhere else.  All the material used in the programme are original and not available in any other teachings, programmes or the internet.

  • 12 X Soul Alignment Sessions with Amyra Mah.
  • Customised round-the-clock remote transmissions to powerfully support the healing of underlying issues.
  • WhatsApp/email support during the 12 weeks.
  • WhatsApp/email support up to 90 days after the programme.
  • Personalised  and individualised sessions (no one-size-fits-all).
    For this reason, the contents listed on this page are provided as a guide only; the actual work involved will be customised to each client’s situation and may differ slightly from what is presented here.

If you wish to collaborate with me towards the highest expression of your true self, drop me a message and we can set up a free-of-charge exploratory Zoom session.

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