Policy on Sharing and Use of Products and COURSE Material by Amyra Mah and UnusualWisdom.com

The product you purchase and/or download (including digital downloads, PDFs, workbooks, digital courses, audio products and virtual events) is intended only for your use and not to be shared without the express permission of Amyra Mah, unless it is purchased as a gift for another.

Unauthorised use or reproduction of the material in any product, system, workshop, etc. by Amyra Mah is prohibited.

These products are the result of intense effort, sometimes taking years to yield one final product, and great care in preserving the purity of the contents and maintaining the highest standards. The process involved in creating these products is often very personal, challenging, and requires an enormous investment of hard work, staunch dedication to the craft and calling, utter bravery in bringing to the world material that goes against mainstream, and commitment to impeccability on all levels.

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