Amyra’s Workshops are known for their extraordinary content and close personal facilitations for participants.  They are based on the sacred teachings she has channeled and developed over the years and continues to do so.

Participants will often experience a mix of psycho-cognitive tools, creative and shamanic processes, mystical tools, movements & breathwork, meditation, energy transmissions, channeled guidance, rituals & ceremonies – designed to reach deep into the subconscious and the spiritual body where real and lasting shifts can take place.

On this page is a list of some of the many workshops that Amyra has taught over the years.  Email us if you are interested in any of these workshops, including those that are not currently on offer to the public. Most of Amyra’s events nowadays are conducted on request – i.e. people express interest in a specific workshop or event, and a date is fixed.

Amyra facilitates these workshops 1:1 or in groups. Most of the workshops are also conducted online via Zoom, either privately or in groups.

The rate for doing a workshop 1:1 with Amyra is $300 per day (in-person or online). You may prefer to enroll in one of the packages if the workshop runs more than one day, for a more economical deal. The rate for group workshop varies depending on the workshop, in the range of $120-$200 per day per person (minimum group size is three participants if you’re organising your own group).


Workshops are categorised on this page for ease of browsing.  There are overlaps in the ‘kind’ of workshops they are, as all workshops address multiple levels.

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Transformative Workshops
Esoteric Teachings Workshops
Mystical & Channeled Workshops
Consciousness Technologies Workshop
Healing & Personal Power Workshops
Self-Empowerment Workshops


Magical Possibilities: The Art Of Dissolving Unwanted Reality

Magical Possibilities Workshop with Amyra Mah
Image credit – Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards, Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid & Marcela Lobos
Are You Ready to Live The Super Magical Life?

Do you ever wish you could acquire magical powers and transform your life?

Do you sometimes sense, there is immense power somewhere in you, and all your problems would be solved if you could tap into that power?

Do you feel there is more of you, waiting to be released – limitless and wildly creative?

This Workshop gives you the cutting-edge spiritual technology to dissolve undesirable situations in your life. In the process, you will naturally undo old, limiting patterns, heal inadequacies, and reclaim your true powers as a magical being.

The material in this workshop is unlike conventional teachings about reality creation and manifesting (mainstream law of attraction teachings). If you’ve been practising Law of Attraction but frustrated with the lack of reliable results, you will love this workshop.

unusual wisdom by amyra mah

Advanced Magical Possibilities

Pre-requisite:  Magical Possibilities: The Art Of Dissolving Unwanted Reality

Advanced Magical Possibilities Course with Amyra Mah
Image credit – Android Jones

In this Workshop, you will acquire:

•    Advanced dissolving processes.
•    Additional retracting techniques.

You will get to do a Whole Life Dissolving session – a chance to:

•    Dissolve all unwanted realities in your life.
•    Refresh and strengthen your practice of dissolving.
•    Receive personalised coaching on dissolving your specific situations.

Opportunities for:

•    Ironing out roadblocks in your practice so that you amplify the power of your shifts.
•    Sharing inspiring reality shift stories.
•    Breakthroughs in any sticky, stubborn areas.

unusual wisdom by amyra mah

Alchemy With Sacred Elements Of Nature

sacred alchemy with nature workshop with Amyra Mah

A Powerful Workshop to transform your status quo quickly and creatively.

Reflective yet vibrant, magical yet practical, mystical yet grounded.

You will be guided to see with clarity the various aspects of your life and bring them into alignment with how you desire them to be.

Using Objects of Nature to help access the parts of your that are hidden from you. A beautiful, inspired workshop that will leave you refreshed on every level of your being.

A special one day workshop to harness your alchemical powers and transform your status quo!

Working with Objects of Nature, you will tap into the divine intelligence of nature spirits in partnership with your own creative powers, to access the parts of your that are normally hidden from you. A beautiful, inspired workshop that will leave you refreshed on every level of your being.

Includes powerful energy clearings, blessings and channeled guidance.

If you love the soul alignment circles, you will love this workshop. All the beautiful vibes, insights and deep healings you get supercharged!

unusual wisdom by amyra mah


Awaken Your Sacred Womb

sacred womb workshop with Amyra Mah
Undo Old Patriachal Programmmings and Wake Up to Your True Divine Self.

This sacred, soul-aligning immersion is an opportunity to heal issues related to your womb or being female, as well as releasing old, limited beliefs, deep fears and spiritual pollution that hold you back from being your true, divine self.

Be gently guided to ease into a deeper relationship with your feminine self.

▪ Feel safe and powerful being in a female body.
▪ Honour your womb as a gateway to the Universal creative power.
▪ Boost your capacity for self-healing and manifesting.
▪ Heal the roots of menstrual imbalances and gynaecological problems.
▪ Invoke the power of the divine feminine presence.

unusual wisdom by amyra mah

Activate Your Divine Masculine

Prerequisite: Completion of Awaken Your Sacred Womb

Activating your Divine Masculine will bring balance to both sdes of your Power.

  • Strengthen and solidy your Sacred Feminine powers.
  • Anchor more fully in your Divine Powers.
  • Gain clarity about the role of male figures in your life.
  • Heal your relationships with men.
  • Understand why you seek out certain ‘types’ of men that aren’t serving you.
  • Invoke the loving, protective presence of the Divine Masculine.
  • Revitalise and unlock your potency to pump up your creative powers.

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unusual wisdom by amyra mah


Connecting With Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides Workshop with Amyra Mah
Do you wish to have a clearer connection with your spirit guides?

* Sense your spirit guides and receive divine messages..
* Remove the blocks to connecting with spirit guides.
* How to notice signs, messages and synchronicities.
* Receive healings and energy blessings from Angelic Beings.
* Learn to work with your spirit guides for practical guidance.

unusual wisdom by amyra mah

Warrior Of Fire

Prerequisite:  Must have done at least two other workshops with Amyra Mah

Spiritual Self-Defence Beyond ‘Love & Light’

Are you bombarded by negative energies from others?

Drained and overwhelmed?

Prone to absorbing other people’s fears and negativity

Are you looking for ways to protect yourself, that are more than just sending love and light, coming from compassion, and white bubble protection – yet are non-confrontational in person?

unusual wisdom by amyra mah

The Mystic Shapeshifter

Mystic Shapeshifter - A Shamanic Course by Amyra Mah
An advanced course by Amyra Mah

Shapeshifting is a natural, albeit lost, ability that we have as human beings. Our ancestors utilised this power for survival and healing. We, therefore, possess the same power, only it is dormant.

This course gives you metaphysical tools to harness your shapeshifting powers and do very practical things with it.  Once you have learnt the fundamental techniques, you can use it shift anything in your life.

This is an advanced course, so pre requisites apply.  If you are drawn to it but new to my work, get in touch with me to explore/discuss a plan.

unusual wisdom by amyra mah

Total Upgrade

Total Upgrade Workshop with Amyra Mah
This Workshop Will Uplevel Your Whole Life!

Receive juicy energies channeled from the highest divine source.
Potent activations and transmissions.


  • Breakthrough to new levels of health, abundance, love, freedom and harmony. 
  • Expand wealth in all areas.
  • Clear energy blocks that prevent you from Fully Thriving.
  • Get out of being stuck or sluggish.
  • Reignite your passion and excitement for life.
  • Get your spiritual mojo back.
  • Accelerate your spiritual expansion.
  • Create a New Magnificent you.

unusual wisdom by amyra mah


Don’t Believe It


This course will equip you with a potent technique to deal with negative thoughts and transform your reality at the same time.

A simple consciousness training to eliminate worries, self-doubt and powerlessness.

unusual wisdom by amyra mah


Return To Love

Return to Love Workshop with Amyra Mah
Transform Fears, Self-Judgements, Guilt & Shame Into Love, Beauty and Power

A deeply healing and transformative workshop to embrace the parts which you deny in you, and emerge more whole and authentic. You will embark on a gentle, loving journey of accepting, loving and forgiving yourself.

Using groundbreaking techniques that are not found in any other workshops, you will learn to utilise your own creative, alchemical powers to heal your relationship with your rejected self and see your world transformed into love, beauty and magic.

unusual wisdom by amyra mah

Alchemy Of Heart

Alchemy of Heart workshop by Amyra Mah
Restore Wholeness and Reclaim Your Power in Love and Relationships
1-Day Experiential Workshop packed with Intensive, Deep Healings.
  • Do you want to heal from emotional insecurity?
  • Are you tired of being in co-dependent relationships?
  • Do you want to elevate your relationships?Are you prone to “relationship neurosis”?
    “relationship neurosis”: Reacting with intense sensitivity around your relationship.  Blowing things out of proportion in your own mind.  Easily triggered to feel insecure, desperate, needy, clingy, obsessive and possessive.  Prone to jealousy, envy, over-sensitivity, being hurt easily, over-reacting and emotional outbursts.  Acting out by being needy and manipulative.  Giving too much and anguish over unmet expectations.

This workshop is for you if:
  • You want to improve a current relationship.
  • You want to clear your emotional/psychological slate in preparation for a new, healthy relationship.
  • You keep experiencing the same negative patterns in relationships.
  • You have an irrational fear of being rejected or abandoned.
  • You can’t stand to be on your own.
  • You tend to use your relationship as a drug.
  • You feel rage and injustice in your relationship.
  • You notice and dislike your tendencies to be: jealous, insecure, desperate, needy, clingy, manipulative, obsessive, possessive, overly-sensitive, easily hurt and over-reactive.

unusual wisdom by amyra mah

Heal Your Inner Child

Heal Your Inner Child workshop with Amyra Mah

Your Inner Child may be trying to get your attention.  If you’re unaware of its needs and desires, you may find your life being governed by the wounded child in you.

In this loving, moving and empowering workshop, you will get to know what your inner child wants and heal its wounds – liberating you to move forward in your life freely and authentically.

You will be guided through a creative-shamanic process to connect with your inner child.  This journey of inner child healing is unlike any other ‘conventional’ methods.  You will emerge from this workshop with a deep sense of being loved and fulfilled.

Benefits of Attending This Workshop Includes:

  • Heal unfinished businesses from your past.
  • Eradicate the blocks that stop you from expressing yourself freely.
  • Restore your spontaneous, creative and intuitive qualities.
  • Nurture the child in you and feeling more at peace.
  • Identify and fulfilling the needs of your child self.
  • Enjoy a more harmonious relationship with yourself.
  • Transform chronic patterns in situations you keep running into.

unusual wisdom by amyra mah

Freedom From Core Fears

Identify what you’re ultimately most afraid of.  This workshop helps you to get to the root of all your issues and can help you avoid spending years working on superficial issues.  Participants are often surprised and gain a wider understanding of why and how certain dynamics have come about in their lives.  Start the process of healing the root of your problems.

unusual wisdom by amyra mah

Alchemy of Emotions

Shifting your emotions is one of the easiest ways to manifest more positive situations in your life.  Learn these powerful and unusual techniques of transforming your emotions that you won’t find anywhere else except in this workshop.  An experiential workshop that will change the way you look at emotional pains.

Some benefits you will gain from attending this workshop:

  • Transform disempowering emotions into joyful states
  • Learn how to empower yourself using the very emotions you want to get rid of
  • Understand your emotional body so you can gain more control
  • Tip the balance of power in your favour against those pesky emotions
  • Unlock the transformative powers you never knew you had

unusual wisdom by amyra mah

Healing The Traumatic Blueprint

Discover what your blueprint is for creating success and relationships.  Deep work that explores the template imbedded in your psyche formed by early childhood experiences.  You will gain a profound understanding of how and why you tend to create certain patterns in various areas of your life, and change your blueprint to one that creates what you consciously want.

unusual wisdom by amyra mah


Emotional Eating: Taking Control Back From Food

Why does food have such enormous power over you?  What does food trigger for you?  Find out why you’re obsessed with food and why you’re driven to be so controlling around food.  These insights will empower you to heal your relationship with food and to stop the stressful, addictive drive towards food.

Developing A Healthy Body Image

Do you feel critical and ashamed about how your body appears?  Do you often judge your body as flawed and constantly want to change the way you look?  Learn to appreciate your body by healing the negative judgements you have about your body and the effects these judgements have on your outlook and self-esteem.

Clearing Your Mind of Negativity

An interactive and experiential workshop that teaches you how to clear your mind of mental clutter, process mental anguish, and open up to empowering thoughts.  Lighten the load of your mind by changing the direction of your thinking to an expansive, inspiring way.

Silencing Your Inner Critic

Transform your inner critic into a powerful ally

Are you tired of being sabotaged by that critical voice in you?

Have you been procrastinating on your projects, not living your dreams – due to self-doubt and negativity?

Is your inner critic stopping you from expressing yourself freely and authentically?

In this enlightening workshop, you will enjoy the highly-effective process to turn your inner critic into a powerful ally who can help you achieve your most important goals.

You probably know that simply telling your inner critic to shut up, or arguing with it, doesn’t work; it may even make the voice louder.  In this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Get the attention of your inner critic without provoking negative reactions.
  • Create a win-win with your inner critic.
  • Reprogram your inner critic’s agenda.
  • Break long-term patterns that sabotage your successes.
  • Finally move forward in being your true potential.

Seven Fears that Stop You From Moving

Discover why you may find it difficult to get moving – whether it is starting and maintaining an exercise programme, or embracing change.  Once you have identified what causes you to resist moving, you can turn your resistance into motivation to move away from the place you’re stuck.

Get in touch if you are interested in any of these workshops.  Amyra is available to facilitate workshops by request for you and your group.
unusual wisdom by amyra mah