The Mystic Shapeshifter

spiral of time. the mystic shapeshifter workshop with amyra mah
An advanced course by Amyra Mah



Shapeshifting is a natural, albeit lost, ability that we have as human beings. Our ancestors utilised this power for survival and healing. We, therefore, possess the same power, only it is dormant.

This course gives you metaphysical tools to harness your shapeshifting powers and do very practical things with it. Once you have learnt the fundamental techniques, you can use it shift anything in your life.

You can use this shapeshifting technique to:
  • Transform challenging situations.
  • Shift difficult relationships.
  • Unblock your true alchemical powers.
  • Reverse aging.
  • Elevate your mood.
  • Accomplish more creative outputs.
  • And much more.

This is NOT Law of Attraction. It is unlike other, mainstream manifestation/reality creation systems commonly taught.

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1:1 Fee: $300 (KES 30,000 for Kenyan Residents)
Group Fee: $180 per person (KES 18,000 for Kenyan Residents)
Amyra takes only very small groups for her sacred, highly-personalised workshops, 3-5 max.
For additional info, read the general info in the Main Workshops Page.

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The Mystic Shapeshifter (Workshop)