MAGICAL POSSIBILITIES, The Art Of Dissolving Unwanted Reality (Workshop)

Magical Possibilities Workshop with Amyra Mah
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Are You Ready to Live The Super Magical Life?

You have probably been told, “life is hard and you have to work hard to make it in this world”.

That struggles are part of life and “you’ve gotta be “realistic” in life”.

There is no such thing as a free ride. Money doesn’t grow on trees. You can’t always do what you love. The world is full of bad people and “you have to constantly watch your back!”

For most of my life, that was the reality I was living in. Until I discovered a new paradigm where reality is so, so, so different from what I was made to believe.

How would you like to live in an alternate reality where ABUNDANCE is Everywhere?

In this new paradigm, money can come from anywhere. Nothing has to make logical sense. You don’t have to work hard to deserve good things. Gifts, blessings and abundance abound.

If you’re sick of struggling in the reality you are in, take heart. You need not be stuck there.

Join the emerging wave of people who are now living from a new paradigm where magical events are a daily occurrence.

The Art of Dissolving by Amyra Mah


Master The Art of Dissolving Unwanted Reality and Create Magical Outcomes!

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Magical Possibilities: The Art of Dissolving Unwanted Reality (PDF book)
The Magical Possibilities Workbook (PDF with fillable worksheets)
The Guided Journey In The Art Of Dissolving Unwanted Reality (audio recording)

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Magical Possibilities The Art of Dissolving Unwanted Reality by Amyra Mah

If you’re ready to live life with more potency and aliveness – truly connected to your personal power – you will love this workshop.

  • Health issues can dissolve.
  • Relationships can be transformed.
  • Money can miraculously appear.

Perhaps more importantly, you will transform your inner world into one of peace, freedom, wellbeing, joy and inspiration.

If this sounds too good to be true, know that these are real, actual results that I and scores of others have experienced from applying the simple process I will teach in the workshop.

If you have tried other manifesting / law of attraction techniques and your results are lukewarm at best, this workshop is what you’re looking for.

The Art of Dissolving Unwanted Reality by Amyra Mah

Some Benefits of Attending This Workshop

  • Transform your health, relationships, work and more.
  • Shift the undesirable situations in your life.
  • Connect with your personal power in a real way.
  • No more victimhood – take charge from a position of power.
  • Eliminate stress, worry and fear.
  • Undo old, dysfunctional patterns.
  • Release old hurts, blames and resentments.
  • Reclaim your true, creative powers.
  • Become magnetic to delightful outcomes.
  • Expand your mindset into possibilities.
  • Become your true, authentic self.
  • Open up to magic and miracles.
  • Become more trusting in the effortless flow of life.

Learn cutting-edge, powerful techniques not found in other manifesting or law of attraction teachings – to dissolve the undesirable situations in your life and create magical outcomes.
Magical Possibilities by Amyra Mah

Most law-of-attraction or reality creation teachings focus on putting energy into what you want to manifest.

But there is a lot of power invested in the situations that are unwanted in your life. This power can be pulled back and redirected to manifest alternative outcomes that bring you true joy, using an innovative process not found in any other modern teachings.

What if there’s a way to extract power out of your unwanted situations, dissolve them, and harness that power to create new, magical outcomes?
super magical

Harness your Magical Powers to create a life of Love, Beauty and Magic.

Take your power back from hurtful events, limiting stories and negative influences.

Return to the Space of Infinite Possibilities where miracles happen.


“Since I have been using the Dissolving Unwanted Realities and Creating Magical Possibilities tools, I have been enjoying just that! Some of the magical possibilities were so unbelievable even to myself that I can only term them as sheer unadulterated miracles. I urge you to open yourself to the land of miracles with the tools and wisdom that Amyra shares. Today.” – J.P.

“(When) My bank balance receipt popped out of the machine, I saw more commas on my balance than I had ever seen before, I was jumping up and down like a child holding on to her dream toy in a toy store! It was my first magical possibility and more have been flowing through since! This course has and continues to change my life in beautiful ways!” – S.N.

“Magical Possibilities opened me to a new level of Awareness… The concept of retracting judgements and freeing yourself from unwanted reality is really working. I can see shifts every day in myself and in the people around me.” – M.A.

”Amyra has been a godsend to me. I couldn’t see my way out of the confusion that was my life… But with Amyra’s gentle coaching I can now see that “magical possibilities” is not just a concept but undeniably a part of my life.” – A.K.

”Describing what I’ve gained out of working with Amyra is almost impossible. She never ceases to amaze me. Every session with her is a reminder of how truly magical life can be, even when it seems desperately overwhelming. Every day I find that I am able to surrender to, and accept the unknown, thus discovering the magic that is just waiting to unfold… for the first time in my life, I feel really guided.” – Z.N.

“Amyra’s unique and special approach has completely shifted and changed my life. It truly is a magical miracle!” – T.R.

“I will be forever grateful for the shift of focus that Amyra showed me. I have the utmost faith in her skill as a healer, the likes of which are exceptionally few and far between.” – D.A.

“Amyra’s workshops are truly transformational (and) always a powerful healing experience – totally uplifting, beautiful, deep and meaningful.” – E.C.

“… I was revitalised, in vibrant resonance with the Universe as if I was in a peak state in a Tony Robbins’ seminar. What an awesome process with what an awesome guide! Thank you so much Amyra.” – G.B.

“Amyra is one of the most incredible spiritual guides I have ever met in my life. Her outstanding spiritual intuition makes her unique and definitely far ahead of any other therapist or person I have ever met.” – A.A.

unusual wisdom by amyra mah

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