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Many of Amyra Mah’s events are being arranged upon request; clients request for certain workshops and dates are privately arranged. These dates are not publicised on the Events page.

Besides the dates posted here, Amyra is available to facilitate workshops by request for you and your group. If you are interested in any of the events, either individually or as a group, email her to discuss and arrange.

Most of these events can be conducted remotely via Zoom, and Amyra has conducted them many times that way.

Events – Circles, Ceremonies & Special Courses

Get into the inner circle!

Next Elevation Session on 9/9, topic is Wealth.


Receive insights & guidance.

Discover what your soul wants to communicate to you. 


First Monday of every month.

On 3rd July we get together again to dissolve local and global events.
Events – Circles, Ceremonies & Special Courses

Ceremonies are a powerful way to anchor in potent vibrations for a specific path, purpose or transitional point in your life, including Birthday, Marriage, Divorce, Pregnancy, Dying, Name Change, Initiations and more.

Events – Circles, Ceremonies & Special Courses

I offer private retreats for small groups – personalised to suit your needs. Retreats can be crafted to cater to among other things: A desire to take a break from your stressful life – to return to a place of balance and wholeness in body, mind, heart and spirit.

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I also conduct: Annual New-Year Ceremonies, Ascension Portal Events, and Channeled Events/Ceremonies.

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Photo Gallery

These are some of the many events that Amyra has facilitated over the years in Kenya.

Events – Circles, Ceremonies & Special Courses