Soul Alignment Circles

soul alignment circles with Amyra Mah

Amyra has conducted more than a hundred Soul Alignment Circles in Nairobi since 2015. Her circles have become a sought-after haven for those seeking soul nourishment and a profound spiritual connection.

Discover what your soul wants to communicate to you.

Get clarity about where and how you are misaligned and be gently guided back to alignment.

In these circles, you can receive:

  • Channeled healings on all levels.
  • Guidance to align with your highest expression.
  • Clearings and activations.
  • Intuitive insights and messages.
  • Connection with your angelic guides.
  • High-vibration energy blessings.
  • And an infusion of good vibes with your soul tribe in a deep, sacred space.

Based on the premise that problems arise when we are out of alignment with who we truly are; hence, when we move back into alignment, our lives can restore to their harmonious flow.

Open to seekers of all disciplines to join in a peaceful, friendly, non-judgemental, confidential, sacred and respectful space.

You will also have a chance to request healing for certain individuals who could benefit from spiritual support.

Some potential benefits:

•    psychospiritual and transformational growth.
•    wellness – physical, emotional and spiritual.
•    increased feelings of love and centredness.

soul alignment circles with Amyra Mah
unusual wisdom by amyra mah