amyra mah feat ambasa mandela transmission

“Awakening Kenyans to Lead the Way in Global Consciousness.”

That is what I wrote in 2015 after I arrived in Kenya to make my base here. 

I say that without exaggeration; I truly know this is how powerful Kenya is. 

I had just followed a deep calling to relocate to this spiritual home of mine.  My mission was clear:

I am to help heal the land and people of Kenya. 


Since then, I have been doing a lot of invisible work in the background – to shift energies, elevate consciousness and transmute blocks towards the rising of Kenya. 

Perhaps it takes an outsider, who truly sees and recognises this innate power, to hold the country to its highest potential.  I am humbled and grateful to be serving this role. 

In July 2021, I received a spiritual mandate to produce and distribute a music track carrying powerful transmissions for the land and people.  A sense of urgency was conveyed to me, framed by the window of time between then and the general elections in August 2022.  This message was so clear and powerful that I was momentarily consumed by high-level passion and creative inspiration. 

Several days later, I was sitting in bed at night when a verbal transmission came through me.  Within ten minutes I had typed what would become the lyrics of a track (see ‘Lyrics’ tab).

It wasn’t until April 2022 that I was prompted again to actualise this idea – to fulfil the mandate – and June to begin working with Dylan-S in his studio. 

I chose Dylan-S because I had wanted it to be a house/trance track. Not only am I a fan of this type of music, the genre has origins in Africa and therefore would aid in the reconnection with the innate powers here.  More significantly, I recognised his inner light and creative brilliance, guided by Spirit. 

Dylan-S has helped transform my musical vision from spiritual into physical form perfectly.  Every beat, instrument, sound, melody and rhythm you hear in the track are aligned with my inner vision. 

Essentially, the track is a vehicle of transformation.  My voice would carry a transmission of powerful invisible force specifically for the awakening of Light within Kenyans.  (Coincidentally, since 2020 I have been channeling a sound-healing modality which has added another dimension to my soulwork.  This project had apparently begun then.)

I had asked Dylan to find me a male vocalist (as defined in the mandate I was given) to sing two verses translated into Swahili.  He told me he had one artist in mind, Ambasa Mandela.  When he played a sample of Mandela’s vocals, I knew we got our man. 

“Is he spiritual?” I asked.

“He is an activist, very spiritual, and his songs are about healing,” Dylan replied.

Perfect, I said, feeling Spirit coordinating all the elements. 

I connected with Mandela a week later.  He couldn’t be more perfect as our vocalist.  Like me, he is a Lightholder – igniting the light in people everywhere he goes.  The messages he spreads are aligned with mine.  Power and love ooze from his passion.  To me, he embodies this power that I keep talking about.  He is the ambassador of the ‘Kenyan Power’.  Read his story here.

What This Music Track Is

Transmission is a vehicle of transformation. 

(A ‘transmission’ is a flow of energy from higher sources to bring about healing and expansion.)

The transmission in this track is intended for the rising of Kenya’s (and Africa’s) Illuminant Soul at this significant time.  This arising will contribute to the expansion of the whole planet since everything is inter-connected. 

To that end, this track is embedded with sacred activations to produce these outcomes:

  • Healing trauma in the land and people.
  • Clearing the blocks to accessing inner powers.
  • Love, connection, we are eternal, we are in this together.
  • Stripping away density and darkness.
  • Rising out of fear, lack and powerlessness.
  • Dissolving rigidity and promoting fluidity.
  • Healing the roots of what drives conflict and wars.
  • Stoking the inner flame of the ‘Kenyan Power’.

Every word, enunciation, musical note, tune, beat, rhythm, instrument, melody and sound has been infused with mystical powers of the highest order – to bring light of a certain frequency.

There is no need to understand it with the logical mind.  Listen with an open heart and you will know it. 

Listening Tips
  • Listen with headphones if you have the chance 🎧.  
  • Vibe on.  Let the energies move, cleanse & elevate you. 
  • Simply enjoy the Transmission.
  • Spread it far and wide.  The more people and places are touched by the Transmission, the greater the collective rise in consciousness. 
  • Play it outdoors, in nature, for the transmission to go into the land
  • Listen frequently to be showered with an infusion of high-level energies.

Music collab with amyra mah

DJ, Producer, Sound Collector, Experience Curator

Dylan-S is a Kenyan based DJ and Producer, residing in the city of Nairobi.  With a taste for pure house and techno, merged with East African rhythms, vocals and soundscapes, his sound has become a staple in the Kenyan and African electronic music scene. 

He holds residency at Nairobi’s infamous underground techno series: ’Temple’, and is a co-owner of the label “Ewaso Records” which focuses on the deeper, darker side of African inspired electronic music.  He is also a co-founder of Midi Minds Kenya, the entity that created the sounds of series, merging traditional sounds of Kenya with contemporary electronic music.  Midi Minds is also a music production house that also host events and free educational workshops on electronic music.

Dylan-S has carried out projects with Ghetto Classics Youth Orchestra (an orchestra formed to keep kids off the streets in Korogocho), recording their first studio album in a professional environment.  He has also worked with Abakisimba Troupe, producing and recording a studio album for them titled “Kazi”, where the percussion ensemble play the drums from all areas of Kenya as a message of anti-tribalism and unity. 


Ambasa Mandela

music collab with mandela

Singer, Songwriter & Musician

Ambasa Mandela, popularly known as Mandela, is renown for his unique and powerful voice, the message in his music, and his high-energy performances.  Mandela uses his story-telling, lyrics and music to share real stories, activate thought-provoking conversations and build on inspiration.

His journey into music started off at an early age, where he was discovered and scouted at the age of 11.  He claimed his space as an exceptional artist and artistic entrepreneur, using music as the language of his expression and a way out of the slums.  Music took centre stage in Mandela’s life and with his newfound exposure, eventually chose to pursue a full-time career in music.

Mandela’s experiences and triumphs as a former member of a successful, internationally-recognised band called Sarabi, is a unique one.  As the dynamic and talented lead singer of Sarabi, Mandela’s musical ability saw Sarabi rise to become one of East Africa’s most popular live bands and had a successful tour where they delighted audiences in East Africa and in Europe.

From 2016, Ambasa Mandela began to pursue his solo career.  He has since released his first singles in a six-track EP titled ‘Ona Sasa’ in October 2017.  His music can be described as real African fusion, a blend of traditional East African rhythms alongside Benga, fused with Afro beat, and a dash of reggae.  Mandela’s sounds and lyrics are not only magical and engaging but also emotional, addictive and truth-hitting.


Amyra Mah

Music collab with Mandela and Dylan-S

Deep Soulworker

Amyra Mah is a spiritual coach, addiction therapist, intuitive counsellor, psychospiritual alchemist and visionary writer.  At the core, she is a Deep Soulworker.  She is passionate about guiding people to find their personal power, spiritual meaning, and a profound sense of comfort within. 

Amyra loves sharing her “unusual wisdom” and consciousness technologies.  Since 2005, she has been developing and teaching her own highly original and potent sacred systems of transformation to a global audience.  Hundreds of spiritual seekers worldwide have transformed their lives from countless afflictions and elevated to higher expressions of themselves through working with Amyra personally.  Her mission is to assist humanity to rise to higher states of existence.

As the channel for M Y R A S , a source of higher consciousness, she imparts sacred knowledge to assist humanity to achieve a revolution of consciousness – rising to higher states of existence while embodied in the physical realm. 

Amyra’s personal road to rediscovering her personal power was long and arduous – battling with depression, eating disorders and addictions along the way.  Her quest for personal awareness and wholeness has led her to amass a vast pool of life knowledge and personal triumph. 

In 2015, Amyra followed a calling to be based in Kenya, to avail herself to be of service to the land and people here.  Her deep, sacred connection with the land in Kenya is a powerful force guiding her to implement specific projects to awaken the ‘Kenyan Power’.  When she is not working, she is blissfully immersed in the magic, beauty and profound spirituality of this country.


Dearest child of the land, do you know yourself,
How special you are, in your soul
Within you, there is infinite powers waiting to serve you
As you know it and claim it, as your divine birthright.
You are meant to be divinely powerful.
You are meant to awaken this source of power.

I am your voice, the part of you that has been drowned and silenced through aeons,
Beseeching you to recognise your deep soul beauty once again.

Remember when your spirit was nourished and kept alive by forces of the elements
So joyful, a heart so clear and spacious
Then the clutter of modern busy-ness and technology distanced you from your core
Before long, you’ve become a zombified version of yourself – addicted, shut-down, adrenaline-filled
Chasing goal after goal, without ever getting satisfied.

Dearest child of the land, do you know yourself,
How special you are, in your soul
Within you, there is infinite powers waiting to serve you
As you know it and claim it, as your divine birthright.
You are meant to be divinely powerful.
Not the kind of power that hurts and controls others
For divine power is benevolent
And when each draws from their own divine power, only peace exists.

Remember your original blueprint of Light
We are sending you a transmission to activate this blueprint. 
The activation is taking place now….
Golden white light of the highest vibration expands and saturates your entire being.
Dissolving all barriers, divisions and separation – your consciousness now oozing, melding and blending with all that is around you, in you, of you, of others.

You are one.  I, we, they, you, all are one.
A cohesive consciousness, at the highest source level.
For ultimately, there is no other.

Dearest child of the land, do you know yourself,
How special you are, in your soul
Within me, there is infinite powers waiting to serve me
As I know it and claim it, as my divine birthright.
I am meant to be divinely powerful.

I have awakened my inner source of power.
Let us draw from our own divine powers.
My divine power is infinite and benevolent.

Ewe mpendwa mtoto wa kwetu,
Ungejua nafasi uliyo nayo, ndani ya nafsi yako,
Ndani ninayo nguvu ya milele, inayosubiria kuni hidumia,
Naifahamu na pia naienzi  kama utakatifu wakuzaliwa nayo,
Ninatakiwa kuwa na nguvu takatifu,

Nimepata muamko wa nguvu nilio nayo,
Achatutoke katika nguvu yetu takatifu,
Nguvu yangu takatifu yenye nia na yasiyo na mwisho.

Music production by Dylan-S
Vocals by Ambasa Mandela
Verbal and energetic transmissions channeled by Amyra Mah

Cover artwork by Pritpal Chana

The Journey

The Spark

In July 2021, after receiving the spiritual mandate for Transmission (see ‘The Story’), I was left in a state of high inspiration, elation and passionate creativity. 

In this state, I immediately called two people to share that powerful and clear vision.  One of them was Ria Ana Sejpal, someone with whom in recent years I had been exchanging soul growth and creative expansion journeys. 

She shared my excitement, and when I described the sounds I was told to create she said that her brother Dylan could be the person to help me actualise the music track.  Dylan, a music producer and sound engineer, was already working with local artists and fusing house music with African tribal sounds. 

In April 2022, I had lunch with Ria to catch up on our various projects.  At this time, Spirit had conveyed an urgency for me to create the track.  I read her the lyrics of Transmission.  Looking back, I think she received her first activation of Transmission then – not just for her own personal expansion but in being a vehicle for its agenda.  She was going to talk to Dylan about it. 

The Installation

sacred light diffuser for transmission by amyra mah

In the interim, she reached out to me about using some of the lyrics for a metal installation piece at The Cradle Festival.  Inspired by the Tibetan Buddhist ritual of walking meditatively around a structure guided by words on the ground, the words of Transmission would be beamed through the cylindrical structure into the atmosphere. 

The festival was to be held in Turkana, a place that holds the energetic vibrations as “the birthplace of humanity”, thereby aligning with my mission for Transmission: to awaken the original blueprint of humanity, starting in Kenya and leading the way in global consciousness.

The power of Transmission was demonstrated to us for the first time.  At the time, the mood of the country was severely dampened by drought and hikes in fuel/food prices.  To,me, Kenyans had always emitted the spark of an awakened soul in their eyes, a sign of spiritual power.  But everywhere I went upcountry, I encountered people looking depressed and defeated, their eyes dull and averted.  An oppressive heaviness that had descended upon the nation was palpable.

After the festival, the mood of the country lifted.  I was happy to see the spark of aliveness in people’s eyes again.  It was apparent to us that it was the work of Transmission – healing, disentangling and rearranging pockets of consciousness within the land and people.

The Launch

I met Dylan at the screening of Lilabare’s URITHI Fashion Film (Lilabare is Ria’s sustainable, conscious fashion label) in June and a few weeks later I was in Dylan’s studio.

The whole process of creating the track felt very guided.  I was truly just a channel for a greater mission.

We managed to release the track just before the elections in August 2022.  The first phase of Transmission was in force, with other supporting activities around it but mostly in the invisible work that I facilitate.

The Runway Show

A month later, Ria shared with me that Lilabare had been selected to put together a full collection for a runway show at The Hub Of Africa Fashion Week in Addis Ababa.  I could feel she was on a powerful cusp that was about to take her to new heights. 

lilabare samsara runway show in the hub of africa fashion week in addis ababa

One day, she told me that she had been listening to Transmission on loop while creating the pieces for her collection and how it was inspiring her.

During this time, we had numerous conversations about the power of Transmission.  We recognised that there is a powerful force and intelligence behind it, and it was strongly pulling us, guiding us to certain directions. 

When Ria told me she wanted to use Transmission as one of the tracks in her runway show, I sensed the intelligence of Transmission had decided it.  I connected to Addis being another strategic trigger point for the expansion of consciousness in the rest of the world.  I felt called and made plans to go to Addis.  When I could not make the trip, Ria reassured me she would be at the forefront of this activation. 

After the show, she reported that Transmission touched many people who came up to her asking about the track.  Its powers were undeniable to us.

The Convergence

Around the time of Ria announcing she would use the track in her runway show, I was guided to create a visual form of Transmission.  After seeing the calibre of her artistic direction for her Urithi film, I wanted Ria to direct my music video. 

I remember calling her to tell her; she responded by saying she was already moving in a similar track.  She had begun working on shooting a fashion film for Samsara, and the needs and wants for our respective projects were converging naturally.  The storylines for both Samsara and Transmission were very similar.  Both evoked a timeless era and the reawakening of something prized yet lost in modern-day society. 

We had a moment of deep synergy.  Transmission had been a huge part of Ria’s growth and expansion since its inception, as much as in mine.  It was a clear decision. 

The Music Video-Fashion Film

The final product is an audio and visual masterpiece.  A potent vehicle to transmit the activation of Light and awaken the remembrance of humanity as divine beings. 

A much-needed tool in this day and age when so much turmoil and turbulence are stirred up as part of the transition to the era of freedom. 

As we launched the music video and fashion film on 25th March 2023, it marked the beginning of Transmission Phase 2, the Lift-Off Phase. 

The spiritual evolution of humanity is real, and the Transmission Music Video-Fashion Film is here to serve the Light agenda.