Celestial Soul Medicine

Celestial Soul Medicine with Amyra Mah

Celestial Soul Medicine is a healing modality channeled by Amyra Mah.  It is both a multidimensional non-linear language and healing sound frequencies.  It reaches deep into your soul, triggering remembrance of your divine power, and adjusting various misalignments on a soul level.

What does it sound like?

CSM is a truly multidimensional language, not just the channeling of another linear language.  It is delivered not only as a spoken language, it is also tonal – meaning you will hear tones and melodies much like in songs.  When I channel CSM, my hands move in harmony with the metaphysical data coming into my field to further facilitate shifts for the recipient.  These data are a combination of sacred geometrical shapes, colours, esoteric codes, and above all, divine knowing.

How does it feel to receive CSM?

Most people experience it to be soothing and comforting.  Many report feeling sensations of tingliness, heat, or goosebumps; expansion and bliss.  Quite often, people have cried from the profound contact with oneself or the divine.

What are the effects of receiving CSM?

CSM bypasses the ego mind.  It is absorbed by the whole system and translated into what you need from a higher intelligence.  Thus, each person receiving it at the same time will gain unique and personalised effects from it according to their needs.

Since CSM is a multidimensional language, it yields multiple levels of shifts and expansions.  Some of the transformations you can enjoy are:

  • Healing psychic and emotional wounds.
  • Relieving physical and emotional pains.
  • Decreasing mental anguish.
  • Clearing low vibrations.
  • Repairing fragmented parts of your consciousness.
  • Transforming unconscious choices and pattterns.
  • Activating divine knowledge.
  • Connecting with spirit guides.
  • Clearing channels for higher wisdom downloads.
  • Divine activations and blessings.

This is a gentle yet deeply powerful session that targets multiple levels – restoring balance, peace, clarity and centeredness.

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