About My Work

What it’s all about


Most people end up working with me after having gone through the rounds of conventional therapy, self-help, law of attraction, mainstream spirituality, holistic healing etc. – and they are still looking for “something different” that truly works, or that will take them to the next level of their growth and expansion.

If you are reading this, chances are you have been guided here by Universal Intelligence for one reason or another.

Deep Soulwork

The Soul Alignment Perspective

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As a deep soulworker, my work is to guide you to the doorways of your soul, so that you align with who you really are and tap into your true spiritual powers.

I believe that every problem, when traced to the deepest root, stems from a disconnection from your soul (or true self, authentic self, higher self, spirit, source, oneness). I can help you to reconnect with your soul, decipher your soul’s messages, and facilitate your journey home.

My sessions are conducted drawing from cognitive-psychological tools, creative processes, shamanic journeying, movement medicine, breathwork, symbolism, psychospiritual alchemy, mystical practices, intuitive guidance, channeled healings/transmissions, and Celestial Soul Medicine.

Premises + approaches


  1. You are never stuck stuck.  You can only feel stuck because you are recycling your thoughts, emotions, perception, habits.  Movement in any of these levels can bring you out of your stuckness.

  2. Your struggle with your external world is a struggle within your inner world.  Healing can occur by tackling not only the immediate environment but also its macrocosm or microcosm – enabling more options to be available for finding the doors to liberation.

  3. You can renew yourself on every level of your being.  Transformation is possible when you look beyond the physical matter and what is commonly accepted.

  4. When you move a physical matter, something else gets moved along with it too.  By aligning yourself with the intangible qualities, you can increase the nature and volume of change.

  5. Your blocks point you to where your power is.  Even the most intense pain and suffering can be alchemised into something joyful, empowering and inspiring.

These are some of the tenets of my teachings.  When I work with a client, I will guide the approaches as described in the following…


  1. Reflecting back to you where and how you’re keeping yourself stuck in an unhappy place.  I will then show you how you can create space to manoeuvre yourself out of this place.

  2. Helping you to find the link between your external and internal worlds, to open up more possibilities for healing to occur.

  3. Guiding you to places where you have misplaced your power and helping you to retrieve your power from those places.

  4. Tapping into the spiritual force in you and directing movement of this force to where you want change to happen.

  5. Empowering you to be a magician of your own life – by turning what disempowers you into power you can actually feel in a real sense.

Discover how these premises and approaches have been shaped through my life experiences. Read My Story: Influences On My Philosophy

Who It Is For

I work with people from all walks of life.  The individuals who are most drawn to the approach and style of my work include:

  • Those with a deep soul calling but are struggling with feeling lost, as though there is something missing in your life, and a deep yearning to find your home within.  You may feel displaced in this world and are seeking to find your life purpose.

  • Former addicts who are struggling to find joy in your life and want to go to the next level of healing your emotional issues and living with deep fulfillment.  You sense there is something spiritual about your struggles and yearn to find the deeper meaning.  [See My Approach To Addictions.]

  • Those who struggle with your sense of self, consistently plagued by shame, guilt, fears and want to find a way out once and for all.  You somehow know that your problems stem from lack of self-love but at a loss at how to learn to love yourself.

  • Those who have “tried everything” and still seeking something that will truly work for them.  You are tired of what’s conventionally available and want to try something a little different than the run-of-the-mill approach.

Essentially, those who are trapped in an unhappy cycle and are looking for a way out that involves doing the inner work necessary to heal the patterns behind your unhappiness.

Who It Is Not For

  • Those who are looking for a quick fix that doesn’t involve doing the emotional work necessary to heal properly.

  • Those who are not prepared to do the inner work and address their issues seriously.

  • Those who simply want to manage their dysfunctional habits and behaviours without going deep into the underlying issues.

  • Those who are attached to perpetuating the ‘victim game’ and not ready to approach life problems from a stance of self-responsibility.

If you are reading this, you probably do not belong to this category.  You are more likely a seeker and have an interest in seeking the truth about yourself.

Don’t overcomplicated it!  Ultimately, if it feels aligned with you, then it’s for you. 

Is it a lot of hard work?

About My Work

It depends on what you mean by “hard” and “a lot”.

At the level of your soul, there is nothing more joyful and fulfilling than growing and developing yourself as a person. The opposite of that is a resistance to growing and an insistence on being powerless.

When you consciously make the shifts to better yourself, your soul rejoices, and you will feel this positive effect reverberating through all areas of your life.

Most people achieve transformations quicker and easier than they imagined, once they have taken the first step.

About My Work

With guidance from me, you will discover hidden sources of power within you, so that you CAN make the shifts and transformations yourself.  Equipping you with the ability to do the work yourself is where my passion lies. This is also the most potent way to gain true lasting results.

There is, however, a valid place for done-for-you treatments.  Especially if one’s system is weakened. Part of my work is to deliver powerful channeled healings, activations, clearings and transmissions; and to soul travel to work with soul aspects of my clients.  My Power Blast service is also a form of done-for-you treatments.

Conversely, when I am in a session with a client, I am continuously sending healing energies in the background no matter what other type of work I am doing – so that you are receiving additional support for the work you are doing. I am a multi-dimensional worker and can work in that way.

Doing-The-Work Versus Done-For-You

When you work with me, you will often get both – a combination of me guiding you to do the work yourself and me seemingly doing the work for you.

I say seemingly because it is not totally passive on your part. My done-for-you treatments have a built-in understanding between me and Spirit, in which such work will not bypass the lessons and growth for the soul.

Additionally, a lot of remote work is being done once someone becomes a client. They are held in an energetic vessel whereby I will consistently send healing and uplevel them as I myself uplevel.

Unusual Wisdom

How To Book A Session

Contact Amyra to enquire about availability.  If it is a go-ahead, an invoice will be issued to you.  Once the payment has been made, the session will then be scheduled. 
About My Work