Power Package

divine serpent, amyra mah's power package to take your power back

Discover Your Power

End Powerlessness Now

Time To Take Your Power Back

This package is the quickest and most potent way to come into your power.

What the package includes:

This is for you if:

  • You feel helpless and tired of struggling against external forces (people, government, systems, etc.).
  • Your soul craves to rest back in a place of peace and calm.
  • You know that inside you there is power untapped.
  • You wish someone would show you how to harness your special powers.
  • You sometimes wonder where the magic has gone to.  Is this all there is to life?
  • You’ve tried ‘law of attraction’ but it feels like hard work and you still feel stuck.
  • You’re called to elevate to a higher place of personal power.

This juicy package is the most valuable investment, combining two of what my students consider to be essential life-changing skills to help you manoeuvre your consciousness in the invisible realm for real-life effects in your physical reality.

Four Incredible Sessions To Change Your Life Forever

The Journey to Come Into Your Power

With the Power Package, you will leave behind a life of powerlessness.  Your heart, mind and eyes will open to new ways of dealing with whatever shows up in life that will transform your reality – a path that is easier, empowering, enlivening. 

These teachings and your practical applications of them, personally guided by me, will enable you to escape the mundane existence in The Matrix and thrive in a magical lifestyle.


Soul Alignment Session

Soul Alignment Session with Amyra Mah

Your journey begins with a Soul Alignment Session.  In this session, I will pick up on where you might be out of alignment with your soul, clear as much blocks as possible, give you clarity about your path, aand place you in the most aligned state to receive the subsequent trainings.


Warrior Of Fire

Power Package

In this workshop, you will learn a versatile next-level protection method that you can use to disable all forms of negativity in your life: curses, spells, black magic, psychic attacks, energy-drainers, bad intentions, jealousy, evil eye, etc.  You will clean up your energy field of external influences and have fun doing it!

session three and four

Magical Possibilities: The Art Of Dissolving Unwanted Reality

Power Package

This 2-Day workshop will equip you with a paradigm-shattering reality-creation technique that is unlike most “law of attraction” teachings widely-available in the internet these days.  You will be guided to dissolve all undesirable aspects of your life by extracting the power that hold up that reality and channel it into an intelligence greater than your egoic mind.  Instead of simply existing and wondering, “Is this it?” many have seen their lives transform to one of love, beauty and magic.

Once you have completed this package, you will be eligible to join the MONTHLY ELEVATIONS membership and participate in the GROUP DISSOLVING sessions.

This Package of 4 X 1:1 Sessions
$1,000 (KES 100,000 for Kenyan Residents)

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Power Package