Group Dissolving

Shifting Events Using Our Spiritual Powers

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Let's Get Together To Dissolve Global, 'Greater' Unwanted Events

This is a monthly non-paid Zoom session in which we get together to do group dissolvings to shift global events that have manifested in our realities.

I know that watching certain dark developments around us) can make us feel helpless.  These calls are an opportunity for us to do something about it as a group; it can help make us feel less powerless.

In these sessions, we will be dissolving 1-2 selected global as well as local unwanted realities.  I often invite attendees to request a particular situation that they want the group to help dissolve for them.  So, if there is any particular unwanted reality that are pulling power away from you and leaving you feeling powerless, this is an opportunity to take your power back and shift it to a magical outcome.   

I will also bring in divine energies during the sessions to give you a boost and elevate you. 

The calls will take place on the first Monday of every month for an hour. 

Come join us as a member of this benevolent ‘coven’. 

It’s also a chance for us to support one another in elevating.


Open to those who have done Magical Possibilities and Warrior Of Fire.

We have an exciting package that covers both these two workshops.

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