Alchemy Of Heart

alchemy of heart workshop with amyra mah

Restore Wholeness and Reclaim Your Power in Love and Relationships

1-Day Experiential Workshop packed with Intensive, Deep Healings.

Psycho-Spiritual Alchemical Processes to Reintegrate Fragmented Shards of Consciousness.

Channelled Healings. A Soul-Nourishing Journey.

Do you want to heal from emotional insecurity?

Are you tired of being in co-dependent relationships?
Do you want to elevate your relationships?
Are you prone to “relationship neurosis”?

“relationship neurosis”: Reacting with intense sensitivity around your relationship. Blowing things out of proportion in your own mind. Easily triggered to feel insecure, desperate, needy, clingy, obsessive and possessive. Prone to jealousy, envy, over-sensitivity, being hurt easily, over-reacting and emotional outbursts. Acting out by being needy and manipulative. Giving too much and anguish over unmet expectations.

Love and Relationships can trigger intensely unpleasant feelings and torment. If you noticed a pattern of getting into relationships that leave you with the same struggles of rejection, abandonment, insecurity, jealousy, obsessiveness, then most likely there is a place of deep wounding that you’re being called to heal.

These feelings and states triggered by relationships are a potential gateway to greater connection, an invitation to deepen your relationship with yourself, so that you can feel fuller, more whole, within yourself.

You may already sense there is something deeper you are being nudged to look at; to bridge whatever disconnection that is the cause of this pattern, to free yourself from it once and for all, so that you can enjoy healthier, more fulfilling and rewarding relationships.


Unusual Wisdom

This workshop Is For You If:

All these are nudgings from your soul, guiding you to a place of deep wounding that you’re being called to heal. It is time to heal, rather than perpetuate these dysfunctional cycles.

  • You want to improve a current relationship.
  • You want to clear your emotional/psychological slate in preparation for a new, healthy relationship.
  • You keep experiencing the same negative patterns in relationships.
  • You have an irrational fear of being rejected or abandoned.
  • You can’t stand to be on your own.
  • You tend to use your relationship as a drug.
  • You feel rage and injustice in your relationship.
  • You notice and dislike your tendencies to be: jealous, insecure, desperate, needy, clingy, manipulative, obsessive, possessive, overly-sensitive, easily hurt and over-reactive.

Some Benefits of Attending This Workshop

  • Know your deeper motivations in love and relationship.
  • Put an end to “relationship neurosis”.
  • Become more emotionally self-reliant.
  • Heal the traumas behind dysfunctional patterns in relationships.
  • Identify and correct the 3 Core Misalignments in Love that give rise to relationship problems like co-dependency, jealousy and distrust.
  • Learn to stop the controlling behaviours that can drive your partner away.
  • Project your most alluring presence in your relationship.
  • Elevate and enrich your current relationships.

Want to take this workshop privately?

Email us to set it up.

1:1 Fee: $300 (KES 30,000 for Kenyan Residents)
Group Fee: $180 per person (KES 18,000 for Kenyan Residents)
Amyra takes only very small groups for her sacred, highly-personalised workshops, 3-5 max.
For additional info, read the general info in the Main Workshops Page.

Alchemy Of Heart (Workshop)