Return To Love (Workshop)

Return to Love Workshop with Amyra Mah

1-Day Transformative Healing Workshop By Amyra Mah

Transform Fears, Self-Judgements, Guilt & Shame Into Love, Beauty and Power.

All our problems will no longer exist, many spiritual teachers believe, when we totally accept and love ourselves. Unfortunately, most of us fall closer to self-rejection. We spend our lives trying to fix problems that are outside of us, when healing our relationship with ourselves is the only true solution. And when we do, problems can miraculously disappear.

But how do we begin to accept, love and forgive ourselves – especially when we’re dealing with deep-seated beliefs about being unworthy, inadequate, or any shade of being “not good enough”?

In this transformative workshop, you are guided to embrace the parts which you deny in you, and emerge more whole and authentic. Using groundbreaking techniques that are not found in any other workshops, you will learn to utilise your own creative, alchemical powers to heal your relationship with your rejected self and see your world transformed into love, beauty and magic.

This Workshop is An Opportunity to:
  • Turn your rejected self into a Powerful Ally
  • Change your default way of being from self-rejecting to self-loving
  • Transform your shame into inner beauty
  • Tap into your alchemical powers to transform your life
  • Learn grounded practices to find your way back to self-love
  • Experience deep healing in your relationship with yourself
  • Feel more whole, solid, grounded, centered and authentic

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