Awaken Your Sacred Womb (Workshop)

“Using words to describe the Sacred Womb workshop does not do justice to the depth of access to the sacred feminine that this workshop gave to me. Over the course of a day, working with Amyra enabled me to raise deeply submerged elements of my divine femininity to my conscious awareness.

I healed parts of my Self that had been buried under false beliefs that I downloaded from largely patriarchal  and dysfunctional environments that have lost equilibrium through the subjugation of the divine feminine. This workshop is for anyone who wants to restore their balance by reclaiming the immense powers of their truly spiritual feminine life force!” – YJWM

Undo Old Patriachal Programmmings and Wake Up to Your True Divine Self.

This sacred, soul-aligning immersion is an opportunity to heal issues related to your womb or being female, as well as releasing old, limited beliefs, deep fears and spiritual pollution that hold you back from being your true, divine self.

Be gently guided to ease into a deeper relationship with your feminine self.

▪ Feel safe and powerful being in a female body.
▪ Honour your womb as a gateway to the Universal creative power.
▪ Boost your capacity for self-healing and manifesting.
▪ Heal the roots of menstrual imbalances and gynaecological problems.
▪ Invoke the power of the divine feminine presence.

Ancient Esoteric practice for women that is being brought back into our present consciousness – as a vehicle to bring us back to our true divine nature.

A very grounded practice conducted in a safe, respectful, nurturing, confidential and supportive space.

Non-religious, fully self-empowering spiritual technology for deep self-healing, manifesting and myriad other benefits.

Some Benefits of Attending This Workshop:

• Let go of old patterns and old ways of seeing yourself.
• Heal old wounds and scars about being a woman.
• Cleanse and heal your womb of fear, guilt, sexual shame.
• Release old energy from relationship wounding and female health issues.
• Restore your divine blueprint.

“Thank you so much for the most AMAZING workshop yesterday. I know that I will be assimilating and integrating everything for a while… but just wanted to reach out this morning in gratitude. I have woken up feeling very different today and much more empowered. Bless you Amyra… beautiful soul and spirit that you are.” -S. W.

awaken your sacred womb workshop by Amyra Mah
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