Heal Your Inner Child

Heal Your Inner Child (Workshop)

1-Day Deep Healing and Transformative Workshop to Heal the Child Part in You.

Your Inner Child may be trying to get your attention.  If you’re unaware of its needs and desires, you may find your life being governed by the wounded child in you.

This workshop is deeply healing, and also fun and stimulating.  

In this loving, moving and empowering workshop, you will get to know what your inner child wants and heal its wounds – liberating you to move forward in your life freely and authentically.

You will be guided through a creative-shamanic process to connect with your inner child. This journey of inner child healing is unlike any other ‘conventional’ methods. You will emerge from this workshop with a deep sense of being loved and fulfilled.

Heal Your Inner Child workshop with Amyra Mah

Healing The Traumatic Blueprint

This workshop includes an additional module to transform unconscious patterns that may be causing you to keep running into certain types of situations.

Discover what your blueprint is for creating success and relationships.  Deep work that explores the template imbedded in your psyche formed by early childhood experiences.  You will gain a profound understanding of how and why you tend to create certain patterns in various areas of your life, and change your blueprint to one that creates what you consciously want.

Some Benefits of Attending This Workshop:

  • Heal unfinished businesses from your past.
  • Eradicate the blocks that stop you from expressing yourself freely.
  • Restore your spontaneous, creative and intuitive qualities.
  • Nurture the child in you and feeling more at peace.
  • Identify and fulfilling the needs of your child self.
  • Enjoy a more harmonious relationship with yourself.
  • Transform chronic patterns in situations you keep running into.
Heal Your Inner Child (Workshop)

Want to take this workshop privately?

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1:1 Fee: $300 (KES 30,000 for Kenytan Residents)
Group Fee: $180 per person (KES 18,000 for Kenyan Residents)
Amyra takes only very small groups for her sacred, highly-personalised workshops, 3-5 max.
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Heal Your Inner Child (Workshop)