Connecting With Spirit Guides

Connecting With Spirit Guides (Workshop)
Spirit Guides Workshop with Amyra Mah
1-Day Experiential Workshop with Amyra Mah
  • Sense your spirit guides and receive their divine messages.
  • Remove the blocks to connecting with spirit guides.
  • How to notice signs, messages and synchronicities.
  • Receive healings and energy blessings from angelic beings.
  • Learn to work with your spirit guides for practical guidance.
Connecting with Spirit Guides by Amyra Mah

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1:1 Fee: $300 (KES 30,000 for Kenyan Residents)
Group Fee: $170 per person (KES 17,000 for Kenyan Residents)
Amyra takes only very small groups for her sacred, highly-personalised workshops, 3-5 max.
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Connecting With Spirit Guides (Workshop)