Alchemy With Sacred Objects Of Nature

Alchemy With Sacred Elements Of Nature (Workshop)
A special one day workshop to harness your alchemical powers and transform your status quo! 
sacred alchemy with nature workshop with Amyra Mah

Working with objects of nature, you will tap into the divine intelligence of nature spirits in partnership with your own creative powers.

Includes powerful energy clearings, blessings and channeled guidance.

If you love the Soul Alignment Circles, you will love this workshop. All the beautiful vibes, insights and deep healings you get supercharged!

This Workshop is a rare opportunity to gain deep insights into various aspects of your life and bring them into alignment with how you desire them to be.

Using Objects of Nature, you will be guided to decipher their messages, through creative and shamanic processes, to access parts of you that are hidden from you.

You will then be guided to make alchemical changes in your inner being to form a new template for creation in your outer world.

A beautiful, inspiring workshop that will leave you refreshed on every level of your being.

Alchemy With Sacred Elements Of Nature (Workshop)
Reflective yet vibrant.
Magical yet practical.
Mystical yet grounded.
Some Benefits of Attending This Workshop:

• Remove blocks to manifesting your highest dreams.
• Unlock transformative powers you never knew you had.
• Heal and transform undesirable aspects of your life.
• Shift your life closer in alignment with your true self.
• Work with nature and elemental spirits.
• Receive energy clearings, blessings and channeled guidance.
• Increase your connection with spirituality.
• Discover what it’s like to be a magician of your life.
• Reset your inner state to calm, centeredness, joy and vitality.

alchemy with sacred elements of nature workshop with Amyra Mah

Want to take this workshop privately?

Email us to set it up.

1:1 Fee: $300 (KES 30,000 for Kenyan Residents)
Group Fee: $190 per person (KES 19,000 for Kenyan Residents)
Amyra takes only very small groups for her sacred, highly-personalised workshops, 3-5 max.
For additional info, read the general info in the Main Workshops Page.

Alchemy With Sacred Elements Of Nature (Workshop)