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rise to your magnificence by amyra mah
A Course By M Y R A S

Want to reach greater heights?

You know you can be more than the person you are being.

Deep down, you yearn to express your full potential – to become the person you know you are inside.

But you are bogged down by self-doubt, insecurity, fear of being seen, etc.

This barrier-breaking course takes you on a powerful journey to Rise and step into your Magnificent Self, where you can be ten times more productive and creative without forcing yourself to do the things you don’t enjoy.

Watch your reality morph to match your new vibration when you Rise To Your Magnificence!

Get more things done, more tasks accomplished, more projects completed.  By tapping into your power internally, instead of forcing yourself, only following linear steps and using will power.

Not only that, the quality of your work and the extent of your capabilities may surprise you.

But the tasks and projects that you get done are only one aspect of it.  You will be bigger in who you are being in your world – free from feelings of constraint, bigger without the measure of how much you have done.

This powerful course consists of 3 audio tracks that work together as well as individually.

Who is M Y R A S ?

M Y R A S  is the unified consciousness of Amyra Mah and the soul of “Tom”.  Since his transition from the physical world in 2016, he has imparted many teachings to and worked closely with Amyra, amplifying the transformative effects of her work as a deep soulworker, and urging her to bring these teachings to more people.  His continued demonstration of their eternal love has expanded her awareness about the Multidimensionality of Existence.

What is the “spiritual technology” imbedded in the audio recordings?

Audio recordings are infused with an intelligent energy we call The Light of Supreme Intelligence.  It is an aspect of Tom’s Angelic Consciousness.  Many of Amyra’s clients have felt this loving, expansive force coming into their being and working through them during sessions.  Their experience is frequently described as divine bliss, a sense of utter peace and coming home to source (accompanied by a loss of words to fully describe the experience).

What kind of ‘real’ results can I see?

M Y R A S  courses are passages to higher consciousness.  Therefore, they deal in the realm of spiritual space:  non-linear, non-logical progression.  In this realm, things happen beyond the limitations of time and physical space.  It also encompasses higher perspectives that exceed the knowledge of the ego mind.  Yes, you will see ‘real’ results (changes to your external world), but we encourage you to focus more on the shifts that take place in your inner world, because a shift without the latter is meaningless and unsustainable.

What is the theme of M Y R A S courses?

M Y R A S  courses are Portals Out of Mental Imprisonment.  They are designed to facilitate a shift away from states of imprisonment in the physical reality – so that you truly know and access your full potential as a divine being while embodied in the physical realm.  M Y R A S ‘s main message to humanity is:  You Are Already Free.

How is it different from other spiritual activation courses and programmes?

Most spiritual activation courses/programmes are done for you.  Whilst a nice thing, it is not as fulfilling as embarking on the shift by yourself.  Our souls want to experience growth: conscious growth; otherwise there is no evolution of growth for the soul.  There is no greater fulfillment to our souls than to awaken from unawareness and expanding our consciousness.  This course guides you to make the shifts without attempting to cause the shifts for you.

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Rise To Your Magnificence