Magicalised Smudging Bundles

Smudgesticks infused with magical powers

These smudging bundles are offered to bring magical enhancement to your life and aid in relief from suffering.  They are different from normal smudgesticks, in that they have been magicalised to yield specific powers.  Made of herbs personally-handpicked by me. 

2024 Edition

Rosemary, lavender, rose geranium, leleshwa (camphor bush), magical powers. 

Miracle Outcome

Encourages a magical development to a situation.
Shifts your focus to a higher realm where anything is possible.
Brings relief from needing to control.

Spiritual Strength

Brings out a clearer sense of yourself from within.
Casts an aura of beauty around you.
Imbues you with a feeling of invincibility.

Divine Trust

Opens pathways to abundance.
Connects you with the highest level of support.
Aligns with undestanding the greater purpose.

How To Use

Bring the tip of the bundle to a flame.  Let it burn for a few seconds, if need to blow out the flame, so as to create a generous waft of smoke.  Pass the smoke through the space you want to cleanse or anoint. 

Be careful!  Place a container under a burning/smoking bundle to catch any ashes and flammable bits. 

One-Day Magical Ritual

Although you can use the bundle as a normal smudgestick (for space clearing, preparing a room for meditation and healing work, etc.), it is most powerful when used in a single ritual, as follows.

  1. Prepare by lighting a candle (any colour to your liking) in front of you.
  1. Slow down your breathing and allow spaciousness to arise. Withdraw your attention from the outside world and focus on your inner consciousness.
  1. Get a sense of being connected with an alternate realm, where magic thrives. It doesn’t have to be a strong feeling, just a light connection will do.
  1. Hold your magicalised bundle in both hands. Say, “I invoke these powers to…….. (fill in the blanks)”

  2. Feel the dissolvement of your issue, challenge or problem. Like it never existed.  Imagine what it would feel like without this issue in your life.

  3. When you’ve connected with a space of neutrality or zeropoint, burn your bundle with the intention of the powers travelling through the smoke into that space. Transforming your issue into the new state as specified by its powers.

  4. Let the bundle burn down completely, lighting it every now and then as needed. Your room may get quite smokey, make sure you have enough ventilation!

  5. Forget about everything you’ve just done and go about your life as usual. You may simply discard the remnants in a bin or outside in your garden.
Magicalised Smudging Bundles