What to expect from a Power Blast?  I had no idea but from previous experiences with Amyra in Nairobi, I knew there can be quite powerful things involved.  So with anticipation but without expectation I dedicated myself.  The reward was not instant.  But shortly after the Power Blast the impact was mind-blowing.  It opened powers and happiness I had not felt since I last was with Amyra IRL.
P. S.
I am glad I decided to do a power blast with Amyra because it was much more than I expected. I had done things like this in the past with other groups and it’s in another league. I found myself able to go into a deep mediation during the power blast. I was able to find answers and solutions to any problems that I could remember or come up with. It was very curative and I feel so much more relaxed and focused. I didn’t know how much I was carrying around with me until the weight was finally lifted. I would recommend anything Amyra has to offer because I am sure it is real and will help those who are willing or wanting to make improvements in their life.
A. C.
The power blast in regards to Confidence, Fun/sensuality, and Power was EPIC! Usually, I have to drink caffeine in the morning but after the power blast, I could pass because I was already ON TOP, and zinging with energy! Everyone seemed to be attracted to me. In my outer world, people were so beautiful, fun and kind. There were tangible results. My phone was flooded with messages from old and new friends. My dating life that had seemed difficult and stressful became easy and exciting! I felt even more comfortable in my skin than ever before. My confidence was magnified times 1000. It was really unbelievable and truly magic!
M. K.
Amyra’s PB works very well in achieving what in real life you would not dare wish/happen so quickly/easily. Basically, what you could wish to happen but you can’t believe that it might actually happen, because your analytical mind comes in between and says that’s too much to ask from life/nature/world, but in reality it could be an easy manifestation. Amyra removes those blocks for us and aligns us with the greater good. How Amyra’s PB work with bodily addictions is still a big mystery to me and just blows my mind.  Amyra’s PB to me works like a drilling machine that removes the blocks between me and the greater good. Amyra’s PB help us to work at a higher frequency. It kind of lifts us from lower energy states to higher energy states. It’s like an energy-ride that sets you in a right direction, as your body/mind tries to go against it (because of its habit). As long as both ours and the higher intelligences energy aligns, this ride goes for a long time. It gives us the luxury to deviate a little bit from our so called busy lives and to adventure a little bit into spiritual world.
T. A.
I couldn’t recognize myself as suddenly a wave of creativity and aliveness start flowing though me and i find myself doing and creating things….Then I remembered i was receiving an Amyra Power Blast and All made sense again. Highly recommended when feeling stuck in your head and need a kick. Thank You Amyra
M. A.
Don’t ask me how or why, but Amyra’s POWER BLASTS work! I have had unbelievable breakthroughs in love, health and money. And it’s effortless. If there’s something you want to shift or get a breakthrough on, get Amyra’s Power Blasts today. You won’t regret it.
J. P.
If you are in need of extra healing energy, or need support in getting clarity for your life areas or way forward, the Power Blast offered by Amyra is a beautiful way of giving you what you need.  Amyra is a intuitive and powerful healer who has the ability to channel and send positive energy your way and is able to attune to your higher energy field and clear any blocks that may be in your way.  You still have to do the work and put the effort in however this Power Blast session can provide you with the energy and motivation to take the next step towards your desired dreams.  You will definitely feel better after the session, you will feel more energetic and you will sleep better.  Those are the instant effects of a Power Blast session.  In the long term, it can provide you with an easiness and grace with which to meet your challenges and move forward.
S. S.
I worked with Amyra Mah this past year and it was an astonishing experience.  Upon initial introduction I was immediately at ease and able to open myself to an exchange which led me to fascinating discoveries. At the end of our four session work, Amyra said she would wrap up our time with what she called a “Power Blast” – and it sounded very cool but I wasn’t sure what to expect.  She asked me to think about certain issues we had been discussing and working with while being quiet for about a half hour.  We hung up our Skype call and I went off to quietly wash dishes and cut vegetables for dinner, and during that time I could feel a distinct energy moving around.  It’s hard to describe without sounding melodramatic, but it was as if a warm light came into my being and cleared away a bunch of goop.  My mind was calm, but I was able to witness thoughts coming up around certain problems and then release them.  It felt like a meditation, but there was an extra support and light – and when it was completed – wow.  As we got back on Skype I experienced an extraordinary synchronicity pertaining to the very issues we had been working with – at the very moment we connected I received a phone call that was very unusual and directly related to what we had been working with during our sessions.  I have recommended Amyra to several people and will continue to recommend her.
V. T.
With the subtle and gently powerful opening of life following a Power Blast session the way is cleared to think and live with your heart as the guide.  You feel the strength of the wind behind you and a beautiful effortless flow of unobstructed life no matter what you are passing through.
A. J.
Thanks Amyra.  You’ve activated a firestorm in my life – in a good way.  It’s like a category 5 typhoon has hit.  Unbelievable, in a good way.
J. P.
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