Retrieving Lost Qualities

$ 15.00

A 15-minute guided shamanic journey to regain a lost quality or trait.

Reclaim that quality or trait which you feel you have lost.

Do you feel you have lost a certain quality you used to have in the past and wish you can gain it back again?

It could be a personality trait – such as confidence, trust, fearlessness or playfulness.

It could be something you used to have – like wealth or a certain lifestyle that gave you a sense of peace and freedom.

This guided shamanic journey will help you reclaim that which you are yearning to have back again.

Instead of regret and sadness over having lost it, you can call this quality back energetically and embody a higher version of it, leaving you with a fuller sense of your power.

What the product contains

Retrieving Lost Qualities (Guided Audio Journey)

Duration: 14 mins

Format: MP3 file

Retrieving Lost Qualities

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