Divine Acceptance | Sacred Activation

A powerful 5D Activation to reset a situation and open it up to greater possibilities.

$ 122.00


This activation has the power to transform any situation by stretching the boundaries of what is possible.  If you’re tormented by the way something has shown up and frustrated by your inability to fix it, especially if your mind is running around in loops, Divine Acceptance will bring you to zeropoint, the realm of all possibilities.  It will restore you to the delicious place of trusting in divine outcomes.  This is not 3D acceptance which is low vibration and reinforces limitations, but 5D acceptance which expands you into divine possibilities.

Antidote For:

Obsessive Control, Running Away (Not Present), No Way Out.

Can be used to help:
  • Loosen the grip of the egoic mind (controlling, limited; blocking magical outcomes).
  • Redirect your path back to a realm of magic and miracles.
  • Align you with personal power.
  • Stop spiralling into darkness.
  • Reset for peace.
  • And much more.


  • 1 X Attunement Video File
  • 1 X Instructions Video File
  • 1 X MP3 audio-only file for attunement
  • 1 X MP3 audio-only file for instructions
  • 1 X Workbook
  • Access to a Sacred Forum for support and sharings with other soul members.   

Upon purchase, you will be directed to the members portal where you can access the materials.

First, watch the attunement video to get attuned to the Activation. 

Then, watch the instructional video on how, where and when to use it. 

After that, you are free to use it anytime. 

Have fun watching your reality shift, expand and elevate!

* For more info, see the FAQs section.

What is an Activation?

An Activation is a strong transmission of spiritual energy with specific powers to influence reality. 

How does it work?

You will be attuned to the Activation you purchased, via a short video.  Attuning means to bestow you with the sacred key to access and utilise its powers.  Each Activation comes with its unique instructions and is very easy to use – only requiring a simple, subtle ‘gesture’ and word command to invoke its mystical powers.  Once attuned, you can apply it to most undesirable situations. 

If I only get one Activation, will it suffice? 

Each Activation is a complete system of transformation.  It can be used to bring improvements to most situations in your life.  A carefully selected Activation, one that resonates deeply with you, will serve you well. 

If one is enough, why are there so many different Activations?

You may wish to tackle a situation from different angles using a variety of Activations.  Let’s say you feel stuck in a toxic relationship.  You can use any of the Activations to improve your position.  For example:

Infinite to reverse feeling trapped into a sense of possibilities.
Illuminant to elevate the vibration of the whole situation.
Divine Acceptance to reset the situation and align it with magical outcomes.
Restore to heal the situation on all levels. Mystical Yes to create high-vibration flow. Clean to clear the energies in and around the relationship.

Is it better to get more Activations? 

A carefully chosen Activation, applied meaningfully, can be more powerful than mindlessly acquiring as many as you can just for the sake of it.  That is not to say, however, that having a slew of Activations in your arsenal is a bad thing.  Working at a problem from different angles can be the most potent approach, expanding it further into the realm of magical possibilities.  Whether you have one or many Activations, as long as you come from an empowered place around it, it will work beautifully. 

Which Activation is best for health?

Restore is generally used to improve the health of anything, but any of the other Activations could also be used to improve health.  They each target a problem in different ways. 

Do I need to target a problem from different angles then? 

It is not a must but you may prefer to do that to ‘cover all grounds’.  Try with one, and tweak your approach according to the outcomes. 

How do I know which Activation is right for me?

You will sense a ‘match’ by reading through the information and glancing at the posters.  Which one(s) has the most energy for you?  Where are you being drawn to again and again?  Trust your instincts.  At the end of the day, you can’t really go wrong since any of them can be used to deal with most issues. 

How long will the results last?

The positive shifts and outcomes you gain from using these Activations will never fizzle out because of time and potency limits.  If things appear to have reverted to how it was before it is because of the continued malleability of reality as it expands into greater and greater outcomes. 

You may want to keep using them to continue steering your life in a direction of joy and abundance, not because the results will disappear but simply because we are in a continuous flow of making new decisions and encountering new developing life events. 

Does it interfere with my religion?

No.  The consciousness of these Activations are of the highest level.  Meaning, it comes from the highest perspective where any potential conflicts will be reconciled. 

What if I don’t have the privacy to perform the gestures or say the command?

You can simply imagine yourself doing it and say the command silently in your mind.

Will I feel anything when using the Activations?

It depends on your sensitivity and unique way of perceiving energetic data.  Some feel it tangibly, while others feel a lightness and expansion more than actual physical sensations.  Regardless, you will likely perceive a shift in your state and wellbeing, or a certain knowing.  If, however, you feel nothing, it doesn’t mean it’s not working.

What if I am not visual and cannot visualise something easily?

Where the instructions involve perceiving something, I provide options.  For instance, a tactile gesture to take the place of a visual gesture.  You could also watch the video while using the Activation so the visual described is right in front of you. 

I cannot get my head around how this would work. 

You are thinking too much, and it interferes with magic-making!  The best way is to allow for some mystery, an element of Unknown.  Magic works in the realm of the Unknown.  Allow for a space of uncertainty, for that is the void of all possibilities. 

Is this working with the Light?

All my offerings are of the Light.

Will it interfere with my karma?

Again, the intelligence behind these tools is of the highest level.  It considers all things, including karma.  There is no way for it to make a mistake and cause harm in any way.  The superior intelligence of these tools allows you to benefit from their powers without bypassing important learnings. 

The subject of karma is often misguided.  There is a belief that we need to suffer in order to learn certain important lessons in life.  Whilst it is true that we can grow meaningfully by going through painful experiences, at some point there is a threshold that needs to be crossed for true liberation to be attained.  These Activations promote the lifting-up of one’s spirit away from outmoded thinking. 

Why aren’t these Activations given freely to the world? 

At this stage of our collective consciousness, it is less helpful to give it freely.  People do not value what’s given for free, as there is a perceived lack of worth in that which is free.  When you purchase a spiritual service or product, you are participating in a sacred exchange of energy, which opens doors to more spiritual powers.  I would not contribute to the greater good by giving it away for free; it does not support the collective advancement.

In this phase of our ascension, it is necessary for conscious choices to be made within ourselves towards our growth and expansion.  By making a choice to part with a certain energy in exchange for a mystical tool, you stretch yourself out of where you currently are and awaken more to who you truly are. 

This product is part of the 5D Activations and Attunements range.

About 5D Activations and Attunements

These powerful Activations are vehicles to help humanity at this pivotal point of our evolution: to support individuals in rising out of old structures and paradigms. 

We have no choice but to ascend; this is the divine truth.  The more we can flow with the process, the easier and more blissful our passage.  But moving out of a structure you’ve been conditioned to operate in your entire life can be challenging. 

Getting attuned to these Activations will propel you faster into the new domain of lightness, divine love, infinite abundance, effortless creativity and profound beauty. 

Each activation is super easy to use and can be utilised for transforming multiple types of situations. 

The Activations are so simple but yet so powerful. Each of the unique activations help on so many unseen levels and the results are incredible. I truly love Amyra's Unusual and Unique ways. The best thing is, you can incorporate all the knowledge gained from other courses from Unusual Wisdom and use together for optimal health, personal power and much more, personalised to your own needs.