Embrace The Unlovable

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How to Eliminate Shame, Guilt, Self-Judgements and Come Home to Yourself Using the Groundbreaking The Compassionate Self-Love Method.

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Transform Shame Into Beauty and Power.

Today, it is so common for us to consistently find faults with ourselves and beat ourselves up. It’s become more normal for us to be self-abusive than to nourish ourselves with loving attitudes, thoughts and practices. We’ve become so used to operating this way that we don’t realise how much it affects our lives: both in the circumstances we create in our personal lives and the wider problems we see in our world.

Our natural self is loving and self-loving. Many of our problems in life are as result of us having strayed from who we are originally. Therefore, changing our lives so that we are happier ought to begin with healing our relationship with the ‘darker’ aspects of ourselves that we reject. This is where our problems usually arise out of.

You may have had the experience of changing the circumstances in your life, only to find yourself still in the same unhappy place within yourself – because your relationship with yourself did not change. You might even have found those circumstances reverting to how they were before.

In this groundbreaking book, Amyra Mah shares her visionary work for healing shame, guilt and self-judgements. With The Compassionate Self-Love Method, you can finally reverse your habit of self-rejection so that self-loving becomes your new default.

The steps in the method are easy to learn, and you will be given plenty of original exercises and meditations that are not found in any other teachings.

Once you have learnt the simple steps, you are guided to run a ‘shame scanner’ through your life and apply the process to specific shame :

Body shame
Poverty shame
Behavioural shame
Relationship-failure shame
… and many more types of shame you might never have thought you could be carrying and that may be the very thing holding you back from living as your true potential.

alchemy of heart workshop with amyra mah

A beautiful practice, it opens your heart to love and teaches you how to be more loving towards yourself and others.

You will emerge from this self-healing in a hugely empowered and joyful state.

The aspects which you considered to be undesirable in you will find their home within you at last, and you will enjoy more peace and contentment.

If you’re looking to transform your relationship with yourself in a deep and lasting way, this book is for you.


There are few books that have spirit to them. This is one of them. As I began to read, I started to realize just how numbed I had been to my own shame. Experiences started flooding back to me from different periods in my life where the shame and self-love issues that I had experienced as a child, teenager, and adult began to put a glaze of denial over my life…In essence, I had been shaming myself and making decisions through shame that had shaped my life.

There’s deep sincerity and honesty here. The more I read, the more I was able to heal. At one point, I realized that I had numbed a powerful part of me. Ignored it like a child crying in the bedroom next door simply wanting love, nurturing and acknowledgement.

My advice is to do the exercise…really do them. Get into them and really dive into the experience of healing shame, and the unloved parts of you. There’s so much power hidden underneath the cycle of shame, and Embrace the Unlovable gives you the compassion to break it.

N. P.

I have read multiple self-development books and attended multiple seminars with many of the top teachers around the world … and I am proud to say ‘I have grown smartly and learnt from the best !’ I am impressed by the depth, intelligence sensitivity and resource material in Embrace the Unlovable. Amyra’s message is an important one, and her passion to see humanity returning to a self-loving state is felt through her heartfelt compassionate message …. She is an Example not an Evangelist!

Amyra does a great job tackling a highly personal complex subject and she provides a clear map with step-by-step instructions on how to embark on healing what She and I consider to be one of the most damaging of human conditions, shame. Despite the challenging subject, this book is a beacon of hope, and inspiration that the curse of shame can be transcended ; culminating with Chapter 26 “a world of love, beauty and magic”. A highly recommended powerful resource.

G. B.

Loved this book. Thought provoking, insightful and yet very practical with plenty of step by step exercises and meditations. The exercises are simply explained and you can get started right away but don’t underestimate their power for transformation.

Having struggled for many years to find self acceptance, self forgiveness and self love, this book landed on my lap at just the right time (don’t you love it when that happens!). I intend to apply the method to many areas of myself that are in need of healing and although I still have a way to go, I believe the CSL method will help guide back ‘home’.

S. T.

I’m a Therapist and Medicine Woman with 12 years’ experience. I rarely come across a book that genuinely addresses the root of the problem and shows a tried and tested way of healing it. This book does both. I read this and my healing work was adjusted straight away. I read this, did the exercises and a part of me that was hurt and carrying shame got listened to, transformed and integrated. I now recommend this book to my clients as an excellent deep self-healing and personal empowerment resource.

The Author clearly knows what she’s doing here. The easy to follow processes really work. I can tell they’ve been practiced and refined in the field. Therefore I can highly recommend Embrace The Unlovable. It’s easy to read. It’s come from an experienced, working therapist and it provides deep healing and lasting changes. Simply excellent!

W. M.

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Embrace The Unlovable

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