Magical Possibilities

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Go beyond “law of attraction” and acquire a more powerful, natural and easy-to-master method of transforming your reality.  Covers everything you need to master The Art Of Dissolving – the profoundly powerful spiritual technology to create magical outcomes.

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Want to reach greater heights?

Most law-of-attraction or reality creation teachings focus on putting energy into what you want to manifest. But there is a lot of power invested in the situations that are unwanted in your life. This power can be pulled back and redirected to manifest alternative outcomes that bring you true joy, using an innovative process not found in any other modern teachings.

Magical Possibilities: The Art of Dissolving Unwanted Reality helps you shift into being your Most Powerful Self. Discover your true creative power: The power to create a life of Love, Beauty and Magic.

This book takes you beyond the superficial mainstream law-of-attraction techniques, into the realm of true magic where Health, Abundance, Love, Freedom and Harmony are naturally called forth.

You will discover why your previous efforts at manifesting might not have worked as well as you would like, and learn to master this cutting-edge material that will transform the way you look at manifesting.

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Five reasons you must get this book:

#1 Learn the STEP-BY-STEP process of manifesting that is UNLIKE any other teachings out there and that can easily be incorporated into your daily life.

#2 TAKE YOUR POWER BACK from hurtful events, limiting stories and negative influences. This power then becomes the raw, creative power with which NEW, MAGICAL POSSIBILITIES can be created. (You’ll be given clear, precise instructions on how to literally take your power back, not just a vague, fancy concept without practical steps.)

#3 Forge a Strong Alliance with The INVISIBLE POWER to manifest JOYOUS Outcomes. Open up to more Resources, Help, Support and Guidance from the Invisible World. How to marry spirituality with a pragmatic approach so that you can remain grounded while tapping into your Highest Source of Wisdom.


#4 Release the Old Patterns that keep you from being the HIGHEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. This knowledge is NOT a shortcut that bypasses your personal growth; applying it would naturally take you through the process of cleaning up unfinished businesses and old wounds – but without many more years of therapy, seminars, workshops since it Dissolves the cause at the Energetic as well as PsychoSpiritual levels.

#5 Access the realm of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES where Magic and Miracles can happen. Learn to navigate the Unknown and eradicate many of your imbalances arising from avoiding the Unknown.

Learn how to …

Implement the “Core Concepts” that form the foundation of THE ART OF DISSOLVING Unwanted Reality into your daily life. Some of them have been floating in the Personal Growth field for some time, but rarely are PRACTICAL STEPS given to enable them to be incorporated into the daily life.

Nor have they been used in such a powerful and unique combination. Practising just one of these elements will Skyrocket your Manifesting Power; this combined process will CHANGE THE GAME for you.

Identify where your Misplaced Power is so that you can RETRIEVE it and channel it back to your pool of Raw, Creative Power for MAGICAL MANIFESTATIONS.

Transform problematic situations while Cultivating SELF-RESPONSIBILITY and HEAL your Relationships along the way.

Find out …

Why Your MAGICAL POWERS had been hidden from you (your understanding of this will alter the paradigm with which you operate in life).

How to RESPOND to your problems in a way that positively influences your Reality and ensures it is shifting in a positive way.

Why Affirmations, Visualisation and Changing Beliefs are useless UNLESS you also do this other thing.

What kinds of ACTIONS to take that Most Powerfully Supports your Reality Creation.

Get access to …


A Practical, Step-by-Step Process to begin DISSOLVING unwanted reality.

Dozens of Additional Tips and Techniques to hone and strengthen your ability to Dissolve Unwanted Reality.

Additional Knowledge about how to dissolve unwanted reality in SPECIFIC Areas – health, relationships, money and more.

Practical tips on how to LIVE the MAGICAL POSSIBILITIES WAY.


And much more …

What Fans of Magical Possibilities Say


Since I have been using the Dissolving Unwanted Realities and Creating Magical Possibilities tools, I have been enjoying just that! Some of the magical possibilities were so unbelievable even to myself that I can only term them as sheer unadulterated miracles.

I urge you to open yourself to the land of miracles with the tools and wisdom that Amyra shares. Today.

J. P.

I signed up to participate in the Magical Possibilities – Dissolving Unwanted Realities workshop knowing I really needed and wanted to work on being more positive and optimistic about outcomes in my life. I left my corporate career at the end of last year, I have not doubt whatsoever it was the right choice for me. However, I hadn’t anticipated how quickly my savings would dwindle. I started the course feeling extremely anxious about money. A few days later, I was in Nakumatt Junction with my cousin hoping that my card wouldn’t decline my 2000 kshs shopping. The card worked and I was so relieved! On the way out, I went over to my bank ATM, time to bite the bullet and really see what I had left. I was worried and praying, it was only the beginning of March. My bank balance receipt popped out of the machine, I saw more commas on my balance than I had ever seen before, I was jumping up and down like a child holding on to her dream toy in a toy store! It was my first magical possibility and more have been flowing through since! When I became aware of seeing things and experiences as only one option in many, even infinite, possibilities, I realized that everything and more is truly possible.

This course has and continues to change my life in beautiful ways! It helped me realize and embrace that, this one way that I see things, think a thought, live an experience, be in a situation – is one of so many other possibilities, and if I simply choose to let that one perspective go, so many others (that I couldn’t even imagine) can be in my life. It also showed me how to take back my energy, my power from negative experiences and thoughts that I can sooo do without in my life but I had held on to them for so many years. The course opened something in me – the possibility to believe that magical experiences are possible for me every time, all the time! My life is a work in progress, there’s still dissolving to be done, but thanks to this course I know how to do that and how to bring magical realities into my life.

S. N.

I’ve purchased your book, workbook and guided meditation package and have found much value in your teaching. I am a longtime student of awareness… wishing to create my greatest self and life. Your material made all the pieces in my study come together. My life IS malleable and I am in process of pursuing better possibilities. Thank you for touching my life in such a positive way!

P. T.

Magical Possibilities opened me to a new level of Awareness… The concept of retracting judgements and freeing yourself from unwanted reality is really working. I can see shifts every day in myself and in the people around me.


I began the guided journey exhausted thinking I’d only had two hours sleep last night and I was worried that I would fall asleep. Instead, I started getting relaxed awareness, and when Amyra said we’ve now reclaimed all your energy and you should be feeling some heat, I was already thinking that the room I was sitting in was unbearably hot! I went to the large air-conditioned room and within minutes felt I was revitalised, in vibrant resonance with the Universe as if I was in a peak state in a Tony Robbins’ seminar. What an awesome process with what an awesome guide! Thank you so much Amyra.

N. P.

Amyra has been a godsend to me. I couldn’t see my way out of the confusion that was my life… But with Amyra’s gentle coaching I can now see that “magical possibilities” is not just a concept but undeniably a part of my life. She’s been able to relate to my “blocks” and has taught me techniques that have released me. Besides her knowledge and her abilities, Amyra is a warm, genuine and unpretentious soul.

A. K.

For more testimonials about Amyra’s work, click here.

Magical Possibilities

This product is not intended to treat physical or mental illnesses or to replace professional health treatments.  It is offered as a form of complementary care to promote wellness for individuals of sound mind and health.  This being a non-linear service, results will vary in individuals and cannot be predicted; this is frequently received as positive and indicative of having the capacity to reach outside the possibilities of linear processes and results.   

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