Flowing Through The Void

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Creating Miracles Out Of Struggles By Activating Presence, Power and Passion. A 458-page manual covering the foundations of inner alchemy.


Become a master alchemist of your inner world.

Many self-help books guide readers to heal their issues from a limited perspective of who they are. The approach is often to help you undo the damages and live with the scars of your past. As such, the healings are simply to return you to a functional state. This book encourages you to move beyond the boundaries of who you think you are and to see your struggles as a source of power that can propel you to a state of magnificence.

Through an unconventional form of ‘personal alchemy’, you can transform yourself using your personal challenges as raw material to generate power, in the metaphorical void of creation.

Unlike most books on alchemy, which are based on esoteric traditions, this book empowers the everyday person to harness their alchemical powers within – with a focus on spiritual development through the transmutation of pain.

This book is packed with many original techniques and tools not found in other teachings and material. The techniques in this book combine breathing, visualisation, meditation, symbolism, creative and ‘practical’ esoteric processes to empower readers to deal with a variety of issues through their true, vast potential. It’s an experiential book that invites you to embark on a journey of unlocking doors to deeper realms within yourself, and triumph in the face of challenges.

This book reveals:

The 7 Fears that Stop You from Moving

How to Influence Your External World by Transforming Your Inner World

How to Clear Your Heart and Conscience by Healing those “Skeletons in the Closet”

How to Free Yourself from the 4 Core Fears that Limit Your Potential

How to Activate your ‘Fire of Desire’ to Transmute Problems into Power

How to Use Music to Reach Other Dimensions Within You

How to Activate the 60 Aspects of Personal Power

And much more in this 458-page book.

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Flowing Through The Void

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