Healing Relationship Neurosis | Workbook

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Discover the roots of your triggers and behaviours around intimate relationships, and pave the way to reclaim your power.


Do you wish you could reclaim your power in intimate relationships?

What is “Relationship Neurosis”?

You may recognise that you tend to react at a level of intense sensitivity around your relationship.  You tend to blow things out of proportion in your own mind, out of the smallest triggers.  You may act out in desperation, neediness, obsessiveness and possessiveness, as your latent insecurity is triggered.

Behind any relationship neurosis, you will find that there is an aspect in your relationship with yourself that is wounded.  You are not at peace with this aspect of yourself and it is begging for you to heal it.

This workbook guides you to explore how and why you behave in these undesired ways.  You will gain profound and empowering insights.

Users of this workbook have reported feeling great liberation and empowerment just from doing the work inside.

What the product contains

Healing Relationship Neurosis Workbook (Workbook)

Format: PDF file

Healing Relationship Neurosis | Workbook

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