Soul Mission Workbook | Workbook

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An extensive workbook that guides you to discover and craft your soul mission statement, so you can start living your authentic life.


Are you yearning to discover your highest calling?

I have helped many individuals to transition from soul-sucking jobs to being owners of their own dream enterprises.  Doing the work in this workbook is a powerful part of that process.

Get this extensive workbook to embark on a deep self-inquiry journey of discovering your true self and craft a soul mission statement.

Taking this step will give you a solid foundation to transition into a life more aligned with who you truly are rather than who you’ve been told you should be.

Look inside…

Here’s a peep into the process you will be guided to take.

This exercise has helped many of my private clients to find themselves and transition into more fulfilling lives.

Soul Mission Workbook Contents

What the product contains

Soul Mission Workbook (Workbook)

Format: PDF file

“Thank you so much for a very rewarding session. I’m so excited about my soul mission statement. You’re really amazing! I felt so blocked but happy to finally having completed it.”
K. T.

Soul Mission Workbook | Workbook

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