The Meaning Of Higher Consciousness: Why Is It Important?

why is it important to achieve a higher consciousness?

Every so often, I get asked by someone if I would help someone they know who is struggling but adamant they are not open to a spiritual approach.  There are those who have been struggling for years, yet unwilling to explore a different way of finding a way out.  They seem to think that spirituality is impractical and that they only want “practical” help.  They belief that if they ‘go spiritual’ they would ignore their problems and then their problems would escalate – and they would end up losing everything else they have.  What they fail to see is that the spiritual approach can be the most effective way of solving problems in the practical world.

Those who ask me to help know the kind of results they have gotten or have seen the transformations of others who have worked with me.  Thus, they are frustrated when seeing someone they care about not willing to be open-minded to receive the kind of help that someone like me can offer.

How do I handle such a situation?  As a spiritual teacher and deep soul worker, my work is all spiritual, so if someone states that they do not want a spiritual approach, it virtually closes the door for the work to be done.

On the other hand, at this stage of my work, I trust in the higher intelligence that orchestrates the people coming to me for help.  Most people who end up coming to me have found me after doing the rounds of traditional therapy, alternative therapies, stints in rehabs, being medicated, etc.  They usually find me after a prolonged search for something different.  In other words, the people who end up coming to me are ready for the work I do.

That means that even those who aren’t aware that they are spiritually ready, they are ready on a soul level and are guided by their soul to seek the kind of help I offer.  Therefore, when someone ends up in a session with me, I have no doubt that they are ready for, need and even desire some kind of deep transformation and soul reconnection.

Sometimes, people are ready on a soul level but averse to the whole idea of spirituality.  Perhaps they are put off by friends who are “new agey” and lead the kind of lifestyles that seem uninspiring to them.  Or they had a bad stint in spirituality that put them off anything spiritual.  As a result, they may roll their eyes at spiritual terms which they do not really understand.  All this is understandable.  One of the shortcomings of spiritual communities is that people end up spouting spiritual phrases without fully understanding them, so much so that they end up being overused and cliché.

For this reason, I want to clear up a spiritual phrase and concept, or at least to offer my way of understanding it.  This concept, if you can appreciate it on a deeper level, can provide an instant and significant shift to your life.

Most likely, you have often heard the phrase “higher consciousness”.  Perhaps you sometimes wonder:  What is the point of reaching a higher level of consciousness?  How can it enhance my life in a practical way? 

I believe that adopting a more genuine curiosity about the concept of higher consciousness would help anyone, no matter where you are spiritually – to gain the inner resources to get unstuck, whatever your situation is.

What is the point of achieving a “Higher Consciousness”?

What is this “consciousness” that we are talking about?  In the simplest terms, it is a point of awareness.  It is the part of you that is able to perceive all that you perceive.  If God/ creator of all things/ Source/ All-That-Is is a Being possessing all experiential knowledge of Life, it follows then that It would have fragments of Its consciousness diffused throughout the entire cosmos.  Hence, our individual consciousness is really a fraction of God’s consciousness.

For convenience, I will be referring to a number of tiers in consciousness to illustrate what higher consciousness means.  It is in no way a true representation of the complex nature of the cosmos.

Let’s say that the insect kingdom represents the lowest level of consciousness.  We see a colony of ants burrowing through the earth, in a complex system of transporting and storing food.  If we were to imagine ourselves as an ant in the colony, we could appreciate how real our daily lives are, and how real the threats around us are.

Now, as humans observing the ants, we are able to hold two concurrent perspectives.  We see how they are fighting for food and can imagine ourselves as one of them.  Meaning, we can place our consciousness for a moment inside an ant and observe life as an ant.  But concurrently, we also have the perspective that we are observing only a small area, which seem to the ants to be all that their world is.  From our human perspective, we can see how the ants are limited in their perspectives, unable to see beyond their small colony.

From our human perspective, we can see the bigger picture, where there is an abundance of food everywhere.  We can see that where the ants think they are trapped, where their movements are restricted by the boundaries of physical space, we see the many ways out.

Perhaps we may even consider for a second how we might ‘enlighten’ them of the ‘fact’ that there is a whole other world outside of their colony, to help them expand their perspective.  I know I did as a kid when watching ants!  And then my next thought was, “Nah, they would totally not get it…,” and as if to prove my point I would place some of them into a different area and watched as they seem to be scrambling around the new terrain, completely lost and in a worse state.  I concluded that I could not try to ‘save’ them by exercising my superior power to lift them out of their context.  Today, I can liken it to how we humans cannot see beyond our limited perspective and would not be able to handle truly drastic divine interventions even if we’re asking for it.

Now let’s shift our perspectives back to ourselves.  From our human perspective, we see our ‘reality’ and all our struggles to be real.  Our dramas are real.  The threats around us are real.  Like the ants perceiving their reality from their perspectives, we are limited within the limited world we are in.  We are stuck in certain situations and we can’t escape.  We are attached to the idea that only this door exists and we can’t see beyond it.  We continue to engage with low-vibration circumstances, people, places and events – believing that those are our only options.  We interpret events negatively.  We are obsessed with doing this or that, in order to control our outside circumstances.  We’re plagued by neurosis.

The world is not safe, and our resources are running out.  Compared to where the ants are, we know that their threats aren’t real, but we believe our threats are real.  Unlike the poor ants (such primitive minds, our ego says, what evolved beings we are that we can see through the illusion of their low-level threats), we deal with real problems, like our jobs and status, all the real things that give us security.

But suppose we can elevate our consciousness to a higher level.  The Intelligence of human beings endows us with the ability to raise our consciousness, and there are moments when we find ourselves lifted out of our mundane awareness – perhaps in deep meditation, being in nature, witnessing an act of kindness.  In these moments, all of a sudden we feel calm; there is no need to act with neurosis, we feel content and at peace.   What seemed to be urgent problems now seem manageable.

Our Higher Self is an aspect of us that has a higher perspective.  She watches us just as we watch the ants.  From her perspective, she can see through the illusion of what we struggle with.  What we deem to be “disasters”, “crises” or “bad events” may not be such things to our Higher Self.  And like us, it is not always a good call to simply lift us out of these situations!  But we can align with our Higher Self to gain a higher perspective, and derive insights and higher wisdom to help us navigate through life.

Beyond our Higher Self, there are Angelic beings – supreme, highly-conscious beings that not only hold a higher perspective but committed to assisting us in flowing through life beautifully.  From the perspective of Angelic beings, all is as it should be.  Everyone in our lives is a soul ally, no matter the dramas that unfold, and we are here to learn from one another, in ways that we cannot comprehend.  These Angelic beings impart gifts of love, beauty and magic to us, reminding us that we are not trapped in a horror movie, and that more than physical beings we are Infinite Beings: totally free in our consciousness.

And God’s perspective is omniscient.  Where every piece in all of Creation is relevant.  It is intelligence that we cannot fathom at our current level of consciousness.

You can use other models of microcosm as analogy to illustrate the gradation of consciousness, such as the human body, where starting from the individual cells as the lowest consciousness and expanding out to the organs and body parts.

But as I said, we can access higher consciousness.  We can lift, elevate or rise beyond our current level, into a space or field of pure consciousness.  (Read my next blog post to learn how to elevate your consciousness.)  With mindful practices that do not have to take years to master, we can continue to exist physically in this dimension while energetically and spiritually we function from a higher consciousness.

What practical impact does all this have?  The higher your consciousness, the fewer problems you have, since ‘problems’ aren’t actually problems the higher you go.  It may mean that all of a sudden you see obvious ways out where there was none before, or a situation dissolves in some ‘miraculous’ way.

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  1. Tom Rierden

    I love this writing/post.
    As a former student of Amyra’s,it reconfirms to me that
    I am on a journey of personal growth.To reach deep within and trust my heart to
    deliver me to a peaceful,inspirational,space.Allowing me to present myself,as a self loving,giving person.
    Tapping into my higher consciousness can be elusive at times.This is where I lean on trust to allow me to see through the illusions of anxiety.Sometimes tapping out,taking a rest.
    Opens a new door for me to proceed through.This is where the ah-ha magic usually happens for me.Always making me smile,and,reinforcing my trust within.Thank You Amyra!

    1. Amyra Mah

      Hello Tom!

      Lovely to hear your updates. So happy to hear how fabulous your life continues to be.

      Thanks for this insightful comment 🙂

      Big love,

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