Are You Committing Prolonged Suicide?

are you committing prolonged suicide

How To Stop Killing Yourself Slowly, And Expand Your Life Energy & Time. 

Most people are committing a kind of ‘prolonged suicide’.  Very few are living life with full joy, with wonder – a joyous anticipation for wonderment.  Instead, they are going through life from a non-conscious programming that progressively depletes their life.  Where their continued life, the remainder of their time of being alive in their physical bodies, is one of decay, deterioration and degeneration – not just of their bodies but their internal as well as external resources – rather than one of ever-blossoming expansion.

I am not just talking about those whom others can obviously see have given up on life: those who aren’t doing much with their lives, who are generally negative about life, seeing life as bleak and unfair, and who may even have a habit or lifestyle that is self-destructive.  We tend to compare these people with those who seem to be more upbeat about life, who demonstrate a positive outlook on life, who strive to be better and accomplish meaningful things, and those who want to make a positive difference to the world.  And we say, those in the former group are just waiting to die, unlike the latter group.

But I am pointing to a deeper suicide programming that most of us are unknowingly participating in.  On the surface, we may appear to be doing life in a life-affirming way, but with some honesty with ourselves we may uncover a different tone in how we are relating to life at the deeper trenches of our psyche.

Superficially, you may want to strive for accomplishments, and outwardly seem to have a real drive and purpose for life.  But as you explore deeper within yourself, you may notice that it is not for any real excitement for life but survival, where you are merely managing stresses and pressures.  You are just managing the life you have left before death.

Where did this programmed suicide come from?  Basically, we have simply fallen into certain constructs based on collective beliefs about what is true or not, what is acceptable or unacceptable.  In other words, what we believe can or cannot change.  If, however, we were to relate to some of what we have agreed to be unchanging facts from a clean slate (from a place that is cleared of all that we know and our assumptions), we would be in a position to question what we may have bought into automatically and begin breaking out of the programming.

Time and Aging

One of the results of prolonged suicide, and which also drives and perpetuates prolonged suicide, is the concept that our bodies age and deteriorate with time.

Aging is a result of prolonged suicide, where Time is our appointed prison.

The concept of time being linear is but a tool that helps us to make sense of our experiences in the realm of 3D.  As most of you who are reading this would know, the 3D is a limited realm (not in an inferior sense but simply in scope when compared to say, the 5D); thus, the linearity of time is only a low-level construct (‘low’ referring to the level of consciousness/perception, not to denote inferiority).

Yet Time is fluid.  It is able to expand or constrict according to our chosen perception.

We tend to see Time (as a resource) as tapering or narrowing.  It is fixed and always progresses in the same speed.  It is always being depleted and running out.  But we can equally choose to see and experience Time as opening instead of squeezing, increasing instead of depleting.

For example, we perceive one’s early 20’s as prime time.  The 20’s is when the physical body is at its prime in terms of beauty, health and youthfulness; it is the only time when we are truly blossoming.  But that is just a mental construct, collectively agreed-upon, a meme.  Outside of this meme, another truth is possible:  At any biological age, we can be blossoming – in body, mind and spirit.

After a certain age, typically 35, there’s a tendency to perceive our lives as going downhill where everything is in progressively shorter supply.  By the time we have advanced into our 80’s (if our suicide programming has not yet run its course), we feel that our time is very limited and we’re just waiting for death to claim us.  We expect to be sick and afflicted with ‘old people’s diseases’.  But that is merely a perception; a decision at the end of the day.  We could decide to see that having gone through all these years, time is just opening now, afresh.  A sort of reversal of the aging process we have been programmed to believe wholeheartedly.

Time is our prison in 3D.  It formed the bars that lock us up, limiting our experiences, preventing us from venturing into the vast mysteries of the Unknown, the realm of the magical what-is-possible, the true frontiers of human consciousness.

But we can decide to see Time in reverse:  The more time we have experienced, the more it is available.

Death and aging are a part of our self-imposed programming.  A death wish that is taking effect, a spell we unconsciously cast onto ourselves.

Why are we so shocked when we hear of someone having committed suicide, when most of us are doing the same thing, only our suicide is drawn out over a longer period of time?  From this perspective, those who die of illnesses or accidents actually die of prolonged suicide; by the time they have their death, it is just the tail end of a long process of suicide.

But however ‘old’ you are, just as valid is the choice to see the time you have remaining in the physical world as expanding into greater and greater time and space, culminating in freedom from the body.  Our consciousness lives on beyond physical death and with liberation from the restrictions of the body we can look forward to a continued existence of joyous, expanded awareness.

The good news is, there is a way to counter the programming of prolonged suicide, if you are tired of being in chronic stuckness and are ready to shift out of this.

To do so, it helps to first take a closer look at how we are actually killing ourselves day by day, on autopilot:

  • We beat ourselves up for time lost, our guilt and regret for the things not done, the people we have neglected. We panic and stress over time being in short supply.  This self-beating is a form of bashing ourselves up, a choice we make to deplete ourselves instead of provide nourishment for our flourishing.
  • We lose someone or something and we think that who we are is depleted. We die a little every time we encounter losses, disappointments, rejections and other forms of harshness.  Although our emotional truth deserves to be acknowledged, the soul impact of it must be challenged.  Meaning, it may be healthy to honour our sadness but examine how your relationship with your soul may be damaged by it and take steps to heal the fragmentations.
  • Feeding negative thoughts and sentiments.

Longer term suicidal acts:

  • Staying in an unhappy relationship. More so if the relationship is abusive.
  • Having the tendency to brood over death and dying (I am not referring to the creative appreciation of the concept of death or the macabre, which can be a healthy form of self-expression, but harbouring a depressive ‘given up on life’ sentiment).
  • Perpetuating self-destructive habits and behaviours, coupled with an unwillingness for change.

For the deeper dynamics that are invisible to others, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you expect to be sick?
  • Do you expect things to turn bad, or for bad things to happen, catching you off-guard?
  • Are you constantly worried about time running out?
  • Do you keep running to the next thing, to try to get all your ducks in a row?
  • Is your life mostly about managing, rather than being present and appreciative?

It is just the beginning.  This is the mindset to hold at all times.  Flip your concept of time around: There is a new, fresh, abundant supply of time, and you’re excitedly looking forward.  People typically have this mindset briefly just before major events like getting married, having a baby, buying their first house, or moving to a new country.  But often, right afterwards they resume committing prolonged suicide.  The fact that we have moments of spontaneously and naturally flipping around a construct shows that we have the capacity to do so in a deliberate way.

Below I will show you in more specific ways how you can counter prolonged suicide.  But the key to successfully executing it lies in knowing what it is not:

  • It is not about superficially changing what you do but a profound and honest shift on a fundamental level (which you can, nevertheless, access easily).
  • It is not positive thinking, where you are merely pushing aside your fears and negativity using your will power and denial, and replacing one thing with another. Rather, it is a reversal of what you know and what you have been doing, that begins with awakening from the hypnotic programme.  This process entails an expansion of your consciousness which allows you to naturally see what you know and have been doing as an illusion.

How to Counter Prolonged Suicide and Live in Joyous Expansion

Step #1

Reflect on the concept of prolonged suicide as you read this article and wake up to the truth that you are doing it.  Becoming conscious of this pattern, which was hitherto unconscious, is a powerful first step and not to be minimised.  At this point, you may become aware of the specifics of how you are using your ‘problems’ as justifications to remain in the pattern.  With this awareness, comes the awareness of the existence of choice on a fundamental level, and you may get a jolt of empowerment.

Step #2

Gently nudge yourself out of the pattern.  Now that you know you are doing it, decide to stop doing it.  By your power of decision, arrest the flow of this direction.  When you do this properly, you will find yourself in a place of Centredness, as though you can sense a strengthening in your inner space.  This strengthening is a calm, quiet power, rather than forceful and busy.  At this stage, you will feel a sense of clarity, excitement and possibility arising inside you, as if you have more resources available.

Step #3

Now elevate yourself to the space of aliveness, of being alive, of upward growth.  Choose life.  Be present to your choice of flourishing: ever-growing, upward-moving, ever-widening, ever- blossoming.  In favour of staying in the place of deteriorating, degenerating, decaying.  You may find it useful to imagine a spinning top being activated in your consciousness; unlike a real spinning top, however, it spins at greater speed and power with time, and its momentum is helping you to reach an elevated place.  Breathe in life energy.  Assimilate the knowledge that all things good are aplenty.

Step #4

In this elevated space, you will sense a new centre within you.  Feel joy and increased possibilities.

At this point, you can simply continue to savour this state and go about your day.  But if you wish, here’s an optional step:

Step #5 (Optional)

From this place of Centredness in your elevated space, you may elevate all aspects, areas and situations in your life individually.  Just by deciding and aligning with higher vibrational versions of those situations (without needing to visualise what forms they take).  Look at an individual situation, and by the power of decision, elevate it.  You will likely feel an actual swirling of energy as the shifts take place to upgrade that reality.

Reality is fluid.  By the way you hold your internal space, you are deciding at every moment the direction your life is unfolding.  This way, life becomes an expansion rather than a decay.

[Check out my audio course Real Aliveness – a consciousness tool to help you wake up from and reverse prolonged suicide.]

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