Dissolving The Illusion of Powerlessness

Illusion of Powerlessness by Amyra Mah

N.B. This post is imbedded with sacred activations.

Freedom from the subtle addictions that control you

There is massive support from cosmic intelligence at this time for us to once-and-for-all move on from the powerless template – and be free from the illusion of powerlessness. 

Many are experiencing old emotions surfacing, behavioural patterns suddenly amplified, re-emergence of anxiety and depression, panic attacks, yucky toxic feelings.  These are stuck, stagnant, stubborn energies being brought to the surface – and it can feel intense.

The good news is, within it there is a real opportunity for you to free yourself from layers of blocks that have been holding you back from thriving as the highest version of yourself, to experience life with love, beauty and magic as your default.  On a level that is unlike anything previously. 

Moving away from an addicted mode

We are all addicted to something. The obvious addictions are easy to spot but it’s the insidious subtle addictions that we are being called to eliminate at this time. 

Addictions have permeated our civilisation for a long time.  In recent years, however, it has gone to absurd heights, especially with the advent of social media which plays a role in distancing us from our innate nature.  In a digital era where everything has to be now now now, the drive for instant gratification and to be seen as artificially perfect has stripped away what makes us human.

What makes us human is our capacity to love, be kind, the warmth of connection, recognising the soul in one another.  All of these are invisible and unquantifiable.  They exist in the realm of the unseen; the world of spirit from which they originate is where true power lies.  Yet people today are disconnecting from their spirit as they relate to each other superficially and reduce everything to numbers (followers, views, etc.). 

No wonder symptoms of stress, burnout, anxiety and depression are so prevalent.  Most people live with an underlying anxiety.  But we tolerate it, accepting it to be a normal part of life.  Addictions is a way of coping and managing these underlying unsettling feelings. 

It is no longer okay to tolerate these subtle layers of addictions that run our lives and block us from true happiness.  At this rate, something has to break.  The imbalance created by an addicted way of life has to be corrected. 

Collectively, a clearing of addictions from our template is taking place right now.  If you absorb the knowledge I am conveying in this post and Decide to transcend your addicted way of life, you will receive potent cosmic help that will result in you breaking free from it permanently. 

Here are some powerful truths and guidance to get you through it easily. 

#1  Know the big picture.

If you’re experiencing intense and dark thoughts and feelings, know that nothing has gone wrong.  Even if it seems that way, it is actually a positive advancement, for you individually and collectively.

You see, all these thoughts and feelings have always been in you, hiding inside you just beneath your awareness.  You kind of felt it, but you tolerated it.  Only you are now seeing what has been hiding inside you all this time, controlling you and blocking you from fully thriving. 

This is a gift of awareness that puts the power back into your hands.  You’re being woken up from the hypnosis of self-denial – denying your infinite power, beauty and light.  Allow these old patterns to be released out of your system.  Do not block the process by escaping or continuing to perpetuate the same cycle.  You can Decide to end the cycle now.

“The only way out is through.”
#2  Stop running away.

One of my favourite sayings is, “The only way out is through.”  Yet we often go around and around the place we need to go, and hence, ending up in the exact same place, again and again.  When you go through something, you will feel the discomfort while going through it but you will emerge out of it liberated. 

Another good news: The going-through phase is not as prolonged or difficult as you might imagine.  You will find that when you allow yourself to move through this path, all your fears will eventually show themselves to be illusions

Addiction is when you resist staying in the here and now, when you keep running to the next place (physically or mentally), so you are never truly present.  It is an exhausting way of living that will sap all the joys out of your existence. 

You have been focusing your attention and energy to a misguided source for your happiness.  Whatever you are seeking externally, it is not found there.  All of it is found within you.  If right now you are judging these words to be vague and flimsy, that is another manifestation of running away from this moment and the power that you can potentially uncover Now. 

#3  You are not your wounded self.

When something happens and you are triggered, it is the most superficial layer of you that is reacting to it.  This is the part of you that has been conditioned through past trauma to react as though you are in danger. 

The more you have identified yourself with your traumatised self, the more these triggers will feel threatening to your survival.  The truth is, your traumatised self is only a small fragment of your entire consciousness. 

The traumatised you is not the whole of you.  There’s a part of you that is wounded and in pain.  It is this part of you that is sensitive and gets hurt by certain triggers.  Often, it stems from some type of childhood trauma when other people or the environment left you feeling powerless. 

As you grew up, you learned to manage these sensations of powerlessness, usually by manipulating your behaviours to gain approval, love and validation.  These behaviours range from outright manipulations to smiling when someone says something hurtful to you.  You may have managed to curb the feelings of powerlessness from rising to the surface but every now and then someone will say or do something that will stir up your wound.  

Overtime, you are conditioned to identify yourself via this part of you.  It becomes your deep self-identity; even if you don’t let others in on it, between you and yourself this is how you think of yourself. 

The truth is, this is just a tiny part of who you are.  In the overall scheme of things, it is merely the tip of the iceberg.  Who you are is the vast below-the-iceberg which your over-identification with your wounded self has blocked you from meeting and accessing.  Thus, you’re locked up in a state of powerlessness, and by extension, a reality in which you are powerless. 

[My previous post expands on the concept that who you are cannot be affected by rejection, criticism, etc.]

#4  See through the lies and illusions of fear.

So far, you have allowed your fear to control you.  Whenever your fear is triggered and you react by trying to fix it, manage it, make things better somehow, people-please, or do something to make it go away, for people to like you, approve of you, validate you – you are perpetuating your powerlessness.  In essence, you are declaring that you are indeed powerless and you assign power to this fear to continue to have power over you. 

These defensive behaviours become a cover-up for a deep, unhealed wound, which will remain unhealed as long as you keep up with the defences.  At the same time, it is begging to be healed, screaming at you for your attention.  The way it attempts to get your attention could be the manifestation of your fear in your reality, acting as a mirror of what is inside you.  What it means is that you will keep running into situations that will trigger your fear. 

If you then react by trying to fix it, manage it…. you are just treading water, stuck at the same spot, trapped in a vicious cycle.

Stop.  Stop perpetuating your powerlessness.  That fear which you have given so much power to, is an illusion.  The only way you can see that is by arresting the cycle and allowing space.  Do not react in the same way.  Instead:

#5  Let your ego be wrong (aka death of the ego).

Allow your traumatised body to absorb the full brunt of that illusory force, without resisting it – while your consciousness is connected with the larger you.  Allow yourself to experience it fully, with no denial or resistance.

If you fear people rejecting you, let the feared outcome happen.  If being wrong about something is what you fear the most, allow that scenario that depicts you as being wrong to occur.  Suppose you dread others judging you unfairly or criticising you, relax any resistance you hold against it.

“Do your worst!”  This is a helpful attitude to assume towards that thing which you have given so much power to have control over you.  What can happen to you?  You will find out that the answer is… “Nothing.”  In that moment, you reclaim all your power from it and the illusion of your powerlessness against that thing is dissolved.  

#6  Move away from linearity.

People often ask me, “When do I do this or that?”  They are hoping for me to tell them, “If you are in Situation A, you do Action X….  If your story fits into Scenario Number 29, Variation E, then these are the steps….” 

There is no one-size-fits-all.  Why would you want that anyway?  There is zero power in it (apart from the illusion of whatever power there appears to be).  The power lies in us operating in fluidity, utilising our intuitive sense to guide us to what the next step is.  I think that is why I have so many different offerings under my work: to allow people to pick and choose according to their intuition. 

Our intuition has been largely dormant because we have been programmed to exist in linearity.  We are being supported right now to reclaim these innate powers and go beyond the restricted field of logic/rationale/analysis. 

#7  Stop identifying with being powerless. 

We commonly trap ourselves by asking certain low-level questions that are thrown out mindlessly.  You may think they are inconsequential but actually serve to perpetuate your powerlessness. 

Do you frequently beat yourself up by asking, “Why do I do this?”  Sometimes, people ask this as an immediate response to finding out a certain behavioural pattern. 

Instead of beating yourself up with “why do I do this?” raise that act of inquiry to a higher level.  Sincerely contemplate, ask internally why, and you will connect with the answer that will free you.

Stop saying, “That’s unbelievable! I can’t believe it!” when something magical happens.  Not because we are doing law of attraction but because we have to shift to a paradigm where magic is our default.  The good new is, you are already in this paradigm, it’s just your mind refusing to see it, resisting a bigger you to rise. 

It is partly a habit, but we need to raise our awareness around it and move to the next level of knowing it is Normal.  I’ve come across many spiritual teachers who are also doing high-level work who keep muttering expressions of disbelief around synchronicities, instant manifestations and other displays of magicalness.  I myself have not completely kicked the habit at the time of writing.  Ask yourself, do you really think it’s unbelievable that this magical thing happened? 

I don’t mean you need to be emotionless about it.  You can be delighted, exhilarated and energised by life’s demonstrations of magicalness; that child-like awe and wonderment for magic is, after all, who we naturally are.  Change your language instead to something like, “Wow, I love it, it’s happened again, my life continues to be so magical….”  

[Note: These aren’t affirmations.  If you’re new to my work, I am not an advocate of affirmations.  To me, affirmations belong to the “covering up negativity with positivity” school of thought, which in my view is not the highest approach to healing and transformation.]

#8  You are the portal.

Once you decided to stop running, stay here long enough for transformation to happen. 

Stay here until you see through the illusion of your powerlessness.  Be present to your not enoughness until the curtains of lies part away to reveal the truth. 

Remain here long enough to drop through the layers of egoic mind activities and connect with pure awareness.  Freedom is found when you stay here.  Externally, you will create magical outcomes. 

At the onset of a trigger, it is common for our minds to think, “I don’t have the luxury to do this spiritual thing, I need to take care of X.”  But going to the spiritual is the most practical thing to do since it can bring in faster and more powerful resolutions than relying on your limited mind. 

Melt into who you are, ultimately.  Dissolve resistance to embracing love, beauty and magic – separating you from who you really are.  Become one with the knowledge that you are a supreme light being. 

You will find that when you allow yourself to stay put, without going anywhere, you will transcend the boundaries of what your mind thinks is possible and access infinite powers. 

Melting back to Divine Perfection and Wholeness

Allow high-level energies to restore you.  I recently channelled this message for a client and then realised the message is for all of us at this time:

You are SURROUNDED by massive angelic support, it is only you who is limiting what you Allow to stream into your being.  You are in total control of what you let in and not.  Relax, b r e a t h e  and Allow these beautiful, healing, elevating frequencies to enter your being.  Restoring all levels of you – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual – to Divine Perfection and Wholeness. 

“Show yourself!”

Take advantage of the abundance of mystical support available right now.  We are no longer operating in a dense reality; the veil is getting so thin we are experiencing no-veil increasingly.    

Tap into this support to expose the untruth.  Say, “Show yourself!”  This is a powerful activation to dissolve lies (what your ego says) and illusions.  It removes the cloak of invisibility so that you can see the truth. 

Remind yourself of these spiritual truths regularly  and incorporate it as part of your everyday practice. In time, you will emerge in a higher, transcendental level of consciousness where you are free, at peace, expanded..

Dissolving The Illusion of Powerlessness

unusual wisdom by amyra mah

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