Rising From Depression: Open Up to Love, Beauty and Magic

Healing depression intensive, highly-personalized program with Amyra Mah

12-Week One-To-One Intensive, Highly-Personalised Programme for Healing Depression

DEPRESSION is when you have lost all sense of hope and direction.  You feel lost in life, but lack the strength and inspiration to climb out of it.  The future seems bleak, even threatening, so much so that you retreat into yourself and remain in a slow, sluggish existence.  Every movement becomes a painful effort.

What causes depression?

There are many causes of depression, depending on which level you’re looking at.  At the deepest level, depression is a symptom of, and often a coping mechanism for, disconnection from your true self.  Thus, depression is a sign that you have veered off the path of your soul.

Depression usually arises when you suppress your true feelings.  You may have been taught (directly or indirectly) that it is wrong to express your feelings.  If you are also too open,  sensitive and giving to other people’s needs, you end up creating an extreme imbalance within yourself.  Your system then creates a block to stop the overflow of your energetic output – and your spirit becomes dampened.

Spiritual Healing for Depression

The conventional way to treat depression is by prescribing medication to increase the production of feel-good hormones to offset the depressive feelings.  This may be effective in managing and controlling moods, but from the perspective of spiritual growth, it simply covers up the symptoms which are your body’s way of giving you useful information about where you’re out of alignment with your true self, the places that need healing.  Behind depression is fear, guilt, shame, etc. and we cannot heal these with medication alone.

Regarding Medications

Please note that I am not clinically licensed to advise on matters relating to medications. When working with clients, I focus on treating the psycho-emotional-spiritual-energetic levels.  My view is that these levels can affect the physiological-cognitive conditions rather than the other way around.  Thus, healing and resolving the issues in the former would result in true healing of the symptoms.

What the programme covers

Weeks 1-2  Understanding and Compassion for the Depressed Self

  • Getting to the truth of your depression
  • Understanding how depression plays out in your life
  • Uncovering the origins of your depression
  • Consequences of depression in your life
  • Understanding the motivations of your depressed self
  • Coping mechanisms that are self-destructive
  • Recognising the role of self-punishment
  • What motivates you to heal your depression?

Weeks 3-6  Exposing Your Unconscious Agenda | Reclaim Your Power

  • Honouring your depressed self
  • Uncovering the “hidden agenda” behind your depression
  • Defensive behaviours that block your recovery
  • Embracing the aspects you hide, repress and deny
  • Dealing with shame, guilt and self-judgements
  • Healing the fears and resistance imbedded in depression
  • Examining your identity as a non-depressive

Weeks 7-10  Emerging to Greater Aliveness

  • Integrating the spiritual lessons behind your depression
  • Deepening into multi-sensory perceptions
  • Learning to stay in the place of goodness
  • Practising the concept of Full Immersion
  • Cultivating a habit of self-nurturance
  • Dealing with the fear of change and self-sabotage
  • Practical strategies to remain on the path of expansion

Weeks 11-12  Consolidation

The Programme Includes:

  • 12 X 1.5-hour Deep Therapy/ Soul Alignment Sessions with Amyra Mah.
  • Customised round-the-clock remote transmissions to powerfully support the healing of underlying issues.
  • Unlimited email support during the 12 weeks.
  • Email support up to 90 days after the programme.
  • Personalised  and individualised sessions (no one-size-fits-all).
    For this reason, the contents listed here are provided as a guide only; the actual work involved will be customised to each client’s situation and may differ slightly from what is presented here.

You will not find a similar programme to this anywhere else.  All the material used in the programme is original and not available in any other teachings or programmes.

Cost of Programme: US$2,500

If you wish to collaborate with me towards the highest expression of your true self, drop me a message and we can set up a free-of-charge exploratory Zoom session.

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